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    What is Juris Collect?

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    Juris Collect is an end-to-end enterprise debt collection system that handles early delinquent accounts to late-stage accounts, whilst intelligently employing personalised collection strategies for different customer profiles.

    Powered by a robust and advanced workflow engine, Juris Collect automates the entire collection cycle from setting up personalised collection strategies, early treatments activities via omnichannel communication platforms, facilitating collaboration with collection agencies and solicitors, to write-offs, all in a single platform.

    It is designed to be flexible and configurable for both retail and corporate collections.

    Why Juris Collect?

    Debt Collection Software Malaysia

    End-to-end enterprise software for debt collection life cycle

    Highly configurable workflow engine with a drag and drop graphical user interface (GUI), that covers everything from early-stage delinquency to final approval of write-off.

    It's multi-touchpoints framework allow you to contact customers via omnichannel communication platforms such as predictive dialler, SMS, fax, email or letter.

    Increases collection rate through personalisation

    Profile customers into different segments – based on various criterias such as type of products, value at risk, geographical locations, DPD, etc.

    Create personalised strategies for each segmentation to achieve a more effective collection.

    Increase Revenue with Best Debt Collection Software
    Enterprise Debt Collection Software Malaysia

    Forecasts self-curing and potential NPL customers with AI

    Predicts self-curing accounts and potential non-performing loans (NPL) customers by incorporating behavioural scoring using predictive and prescriptive AI analytics.

    Leverage on the right pre-emptive measures on different delinquency tracks to maximise collection revenue and provide better customer service.

    Maximises revenue collection through a robust Whiz strategy manager

    Whiz is the heart of Juris Collect which simplifies the strategy management in a collection process. Effectively create and configure collection strategies, coupled with feedback.

    Experiment with different strategies with Champion Challenger to determine the best strategy for each customer.

    Increase Revenue with Best Debt Collection Software
    Enterprise Debt Collection Software

    Connects to external parties for seamless real-time collaboration

    Easy integration with external rating systems such as CCRIS and CTOS.

    Facilitates real-time collaboration between financial institutions, collection agencies and solicitors through a single, unifying platform.

    Juris Collect Conceptual Diagram

    Enterprise Debt Collection System
    Enterprise Debt Collection System

    Revolutionise Your Entire Collection Lifecycle with Juris Collect

    Debt Collection System Malaysia

    Forecasts self-curing and potential NPL customers:

    JurisTech's debt collection software pushes the boundaries by incorporating behavioural scoring that tracks customer behaviour, payments, and contact pattern.

    • Forecast self-curing customers: You’ll be able to identify customers that will self-cure and save yourself from investing the organisation’s resources to contact these customers to make a direct request for that payment.
    • Predict potential NPL customers: Reduce the risk of loan default or emergence of NPL by taking proper care of customers who begin to experience payment constraints.

    Juris Collect is powered by an AI-based self-learning technology which makes better predictions over time as more data is absorbed, with up to 96% accuracy and up to 6 months ahead.

    Personalise and automate treatments:

    Perform advanced customer segmentation and aging based on the information collected and various criteria.

    You will be able to create personalised collection treatments and strategies for each customer segments, while automating the entire process. Coupled with our Whiz strategy manager and Champion Challenger, you will also be able to experiment with different collection strategies and test which works best for your customers.

    Reform your collection strategies:

    Juris Collect comes with a flexible and effective case assignment engine, for you to assign the cases to the right person at the right time! This allows your workforce to follow up on accounts in a timely manner.

    With Juris Collect, you can reform your collection strategies and emphasise a more deliberate collection approach for accounts with 90 or more days of non-payment.

    Connect with DCAs:

    Connect with debt collection agencies (DCAs) and collaborate real-time through a single, unifying platform.

    Juris Agency seamlessly integrates with Juris Collect to provide you with an end-to-end collection and recovery process. It manages all interactions such as automating case assignment, getting real time agency activities and account updates, pullbacks and managing commissions and invoices without any hassle.

    Connect with legal firms:

    Connect with collection solicitors and collaborate real-time through a single, unifying platform.

    Juris Legal seamlessly integrates with Juris Collect to provide you with a straight-through-processing (STP) for collection and recovery process. It manages all interactions between the financial institutions and legal firms, such as automating case distribution, getting real-time legal updates and billing management without any hassle.

    Core Functionalities

    Power Juris Collect with AI Capabilities

    AI-driven Analytics

    Identify possible delinquent NPL and self-curing accounts with AI-driven analytics.

    Increase Accuracy

    Makes better predictions over time as more data is absorbed.


    Perform hyper-personalised collection treatment for different customers.

    Explore JurisTech’s Collection Suite

    Debt collection software solution Malaysia
    Debt collection software solution Malaysia

    Looking for an automated end-to-end debt collection software?

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