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At JurisTech, we’re always looking forward to working with bright young minds. Our Heroes Training Academy (HTA) takes a lot of pride in shaping the next tech leaders of tomorrow. This is why our internship programme is a perpetual shindig we hope will never end. If you’re looking for an internship, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more memorable experience elsewhere.

  • Look out for us at career fairs to apply, or you may reach out to us for enquiries too, at recruitment@juristech.net.
  • By the end of the internship, you would have gained not just valuable theoretical knowledge, but also highly marketable set of practical skills.
  • If you get to prove yourself as an excellent intern, at the end of your internship and studies, we might even offer you to be a permanent Jurisian!
  • We accept internships to our various departments including Software Engineering, Systems Analyst, Customer Support, Human Resources & Administration, Finance, and Learning & Development.
  • Be on the look out for us as we have internship intakes as frequent as once a month at times.
Current Internship Opportunities

What to Expect?

Starting work for the first time can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to. In JurisTech, we will guide you throughout your journey here, not just through our intensive orientation and training, but also through the constant guidance from our seniors, all while having fun!

  • You will be going through a rigorous two-week orientation and training where you’ll be shown the ropes and be equipped with the tools of the trade.
  • Because learning is a lifelong journey, you’ll get on-the-job learning and training too, either through other fellow interns, or through our senior Jurisians.
  • If you were to perform your best during your internship, you might even get an offer to come back to JurisTech after your graduation. After all, we already thought you were a good fit the first time around!


In the three months during your internship here in JurisTech, rest assured for you’ll be shown the ropes in the first two weeks through our New-Hire Orientation Programme (NewHOPe). You will also get on-the-job training while you work with our senior Jurisians. Evaluation occurs at the end of your first, second, and third months here. One thing constant throughout your time here is the fact that you’ll continuously learn while having fun doing so.

Why choose JurisTech?

There are lots to love about working at JurisTech, and here are but just a few reasons:

  • We champion lifelong learning, beginning with our two-week training to equip you with the skills and tools needed for your work here.
  • Under the guidance of other fellow Jurisians, you will also get to take on new tasks and learn more by the day, equipping you for more responsibilities in the future, and molding you towards becoming a Jurisian yourself.
  • Unlike most organisations that let their corporate culture take shape organically, our JurisTech leaders purposefully steer the corporate culture to a particular direction, through monthly town hall meetings, word of the days, healthy and environmentally friendly initiatives, et cetera.

Characteristics of a Jurisian

These simple phrases make up GECO, the values of JurisTech:

By Growing Heroes, we are mentoring and developing talent to grow the next generation from zero to hero. We are synergising dynamite through teamwork. We make the potatoes grow into heroes.

Making Excellence Happen simply means to work together and do the best that you can. We go the extra mile and break all the barriers, and we strive to make the most difficult tasks look effortless.

With Customer First, it implies that we see the customers’ big picture and the businesses they wish to achieve. We want to ‘wow’ the customer by innovating for them and looking out for their best interests.

Opening Up means you have to be open with others. Be outspoken about how you feel and what you wish to accomplish. If there are any criticisms, open up to receiving them with grace and learn how to improve.