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What is Juris OneCore?

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Juris OneCore is a revolutionary web-based loan management solution built specifically for small and medium-size lenders. Juris OneCore is designed to address and manage significant operational challenges faced by money lenders, cooperative bodies, credit leasing companies, and financial institutions. Some of these challenges include:

  • Complications in the process of launching new loan offers
  • Increase in capital demand
  • Economic downturns under crises, and
  • Growing competition

Juris OneCore helps manage financial products and loan offerings through robust core functionalities that directly impact business objectives and profits.

The platform adds values to credit leasing companies and lenders in three main areas:

Juris OneCore_Loan Management

End-to-end loan management lifecycle

The solution is built to encompass the full and end-to-end lifecycle of loan management under a single platform, including management of written-off loans and settlements of loans.

Juris OneCore_Time to market

Time to market 

The solution is agile and designed to enable loan products to be configured and published instantly. The system reduces the time lenders need to bring a financial product to the market.

Juris OneCore_Highly Configurable

Highly configurable

Juris OneCore is a highly configurable solution that can be tailored to fit the needs of money lenders, and credit leasing companies and comply with regulatory requirements.

How does Juris OneCore solve lenders’ problems?


1. Struggle to scale up

  • Launching new financial products requires manual input and takes a long time 
  • Payments, settlements, write-offs, and other core functions are managed manually or on different platforms
  • Payment tracking and reconciliation are a significant hassle
  • General ledger, journal entries, and bookkeeping are done manually on excel or another spreadsheet software

2. High customisation costs

  • Existing systems lack speed in catering to new product requirements in a short period
  • Customisation efforts take a long time and may incur additional cost to make the necessary changes
  • Rules and parameter settings are outdated

3. Obsolete technology

  • Existing systems must be installed on a desktop and are not web-based
  • An old fashioned user interface, displaying lines of code on the screen
  • Technology in use may not support loan rescheduling and restructuring


1. Juris OneCore is scalable up to the requirement of the users

  • The solution offers a 360⁰ view of customers across the organisation
  • It automates the loan offering process and enables a shorter product go-to-market time
  • A single platform to manage loan lifecycle, general ledger, payment channels, and more
  • Juris OneCore solves payment tracking and reconciliation challenges

2. Highly configurable solution

  • Juris OneCore is built to integrate with and complement existing systems such as accounting software and payment gateways
  • The system offers specific customisation based on lenders’ operational requirements
  • Juris OneCore enables lenders to create new parameters, manage existing rules/parameters, and set predefined rules and parameters for system users at different levels

3. State of the art, web-based technology

  • Requires no installations and can be deployed quickly
  • Accessible from any internet-enabled device
  • Lowers total cost of ownership by reducing deployment, operational, and maintenance costs
  • Modern user interface designed based on scientific analysis of user behaviours

Features and functions of Juris OneCore

Juris OneCore_Create New Products

Create new products and modify existing ones instantaneously

Juris OneCore_comprehensive financing parameters

A comprehensive set of key financing parameters

Juris OneCore_Loan rescheduling

Loan rescheduling features come with payment scheduling and tracking

Juris OneCore_integration with different payment channels

Full integration with different payment channels

Juris OneCore_Configurable fees settings for different cases

Configurable fees settings for different cases

Juris OneCore_Built-in general ledger module with Chart of Accounts and Events

Built-in general ledger module with Chart of Accounts and Events

Juris OneCore_Built-in branch delivery module

Built-in branch delivery module

Juris OneCore_Supports multi-currency

Supports multi-currency

Juris OneCore_Consolidated dashboard view with standardised reporting

Consolidated dashboard view with standardised reporting

Juris OneCore_Maker and Checker dual control

Maker and Checker dual control

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