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    Our Leaders

    See Wai Hun

    CEO and Visionary

    Holding a degree in Business Computing from University of Winnipeg with Gold Medal honours, Wai Hun started her career in Ernst & Young (EY) in consulting and implementation of enterprise systems.

    She co-founded JurisTech in 1997, smack in the middle of the Asian Financial crisis which saw the country’s overnight rate rose from 8% to 40%. In crisis there is opportunity holds true for Wai Hun as she secured her first deal with a large multi-national bank to provide a crucial recovery solution for the Bank.

    With passion for product innovation and zeal for culture building, Wai Hun is constantly scaling new heights for JurisTech. Drawing strength from her Christian faith, Wai Hun is a pillar of positive energy and commitment for Jurisians. “When Wai Hun is in the room, you can feel the energy and vibrancy that bubbles up from her!” – this remark was made years ago by a programmer and echoed by all Jurisians who have ever worked with her.

    Wai Hun has been named EY Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 in Malaysia. She was also awarded an Outstanding Achievement award in the Female Entrepreneur of the Year category at the annual Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA).

    John Lim

    CTO and Architect

    John Lim is the co-founder and CTO of JurisTech. He is also the chief designer of JurisTech’s software systems. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, John and our CEO, See Wai Hun, saw an increase in demand for recovery and legal services due to the spike of non-performing loans. They built on the opportunity and founded the company by launching a peer-to-peer network to link banks and lawyers, allowing real-time collaborations throughout the debt recovery process.

    John is an award-winning technopreneur with many years of experience in software development. His passion and excitement towards technology is contagious and his eyes sparkle every time he speaks codes. Once in a while, he gets his hands dirty and tunes the system making the company’s codes run like Porsche and the engines roar like Ferrari. He is an inspiration to software engineers in the company.

    Naaman Lee

    COO and Driver

    Naaman is responsible for the operations of JurisTech where his time is divided into overseeing projects, competency building and strategic recruitment. Having a passion for growing talents, Naaman has setup Juris Heroes Training Academy where Jurisians are grown to greater heights and becoming heroes to others.

    Serving JurisTech since 2006, Naaman was a trained mechanical engineer for the first 8 years of his career. A colloquial yet odd coffee conversation resulted in his career change to IT where a new world of possibilities opened up. Naaman’s view of the IT industry: “In the mechanical field, we were hampered by lack of advanced equipment, precision tools or super alloys. In IT, especially building software, we have none of those obstacles and the world is our playground”

    Kiarash Razaghiaval

    CIO and Pioneer

    Kiarash Razaghiaval is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of JurisTech. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s internal information technology and software development needs. He ensures JurisTech moves strategically in terms of internal software development processes and best practices to produce world-class software.

    Prior to being appointed as the CIO, Kiarash was our Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), championing innovations in JurisTech. He also assumed various positions in JurisTech prior to the appointment as a C-Level executive, which includes being the Head of the R&D unit, led teams to create new products, spearheaded the implementation of agile processes and frameworks, and created Juris Mobile Framework and API Framework; huge milestones achieved as the company move towards mobility.

    Holding a bachelor’s degree in IT, software engineering, from MMU Cyberjaya, Kiarash has been in JurisTech ever since he was an intern. His bright and creative personality inspires people to be agile and creative when building our software, hence earning the name of “The Agile Maestro”. Championing many transformational initiatives, Kiarash envisions bringing JurisTech’s technology to greater heights. He believes that in order to produce sophisticated world-class software solutions, one should implement world-class software development practices.

    Hosein Abedinpourshotorban

    CINO and Ambitious

    Hosein Abedinpourshotorban is the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) of JurisTech. He champions innovation at all levels of the organisation, creates a culture of innovation, and ensures the company’s time, resources, and focus are optimised to stay at the top of the industry.

    Hosein, a master’s graduate in computer science, has nearly a decade of experience as a software solution architect and is actively involved in the field of Machine Learning, AI, and Data Science. He started his career with JurisTech in 2015 as a senior software engineer, and quickly moved to the technical leadership position and became the main driver of innovation as Head of the Research and Development unit.

    With his ‘never-stop-pushing-the-limits’ attitude, Hosein led teams of engineers to build JurisTech’s very own proprietary AI solution (Juris Mindcraft), conversation chatbot (Juris Anny), and many other innovative solutions.

    Hosein’s passion for technology and innovation is contagious, and he never ceases to inspire people to think out-of-the-box.

    Tan Yan Lun

    CPO and Curious

    Tan Yan Lun is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) in JurisTech. Starting his journey in JurisTech as a fresh graduate back in 2009 and has been with us ever since. As a CPO, Yan Lun is in charge of providing the vision for JurisTech’s overall product suite and guiding best practices for product roadmaps to deliver solutions that are further enhanced to our customers. He is also responsible for optimising the product teams’ practices and processes in order to unify and improve our inter-product units communications.

    Prior to being appointed as CPO, Yan Lun was heading the presales unit for several years. Besides growing the presales unit, Yan Lun is always seen contributing to new ideas and perspectives to deliver innovative solutions to the financial industry. He also helped with the designs of some of our core products in the company.

    Being a curious person as he is and always asking “Why”, Yan Lun never ceases to bring new perspectives and new value propositions to the table. Whilst leading the presales team in JurisTech, Yan Lun has never been a stickler for conventional things, he is always looking ahead to see if things can be done better. Hence, constantly encouraging people to be a lifelong learner and to always keep an open mind for the next big idea.