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Securing digital onboarding processes with Juris Access

Credit: Unsplash Digital transactions are now the norm in this current climate. In fact, most businesses out there place an emphasis on digitising most of their interactions with customers, which has been proven to increase the efficiency of an operation and enhance customer satisfaction. However, the industry is still plagued with cyber threat issues when it comes to digital onboarding; the primary choice for many [...]

By | 27th January, 2022|

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The Role of AI in Digital Payments

By | 17th January, 2022|

As digital payments are increasing, the amount of data available will increase as well. Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps by managing these data to provide valuable insights for businesses to capitalise on. Read on to find out how.

Digital Banking and its New Fintech Innovations

By | 14th January, 2022|

We are in a digital world, where massive amounts of information flow globally at near-instantaneous speed. A robust digital banking platform will create new engagement models with digital ecosystems offering a unique, holistic digital banking experience for customers and businesses.

Top 5 Fintech Trends in 2022

By | 5th January, 2022|

The pandemic has broadened our grasps of what a digital economy would look like in the future and here are the top five trends that will change the Fintech industry.

How to exploit data and analytics to scale your business

By | 6th December, 2021|

It’s time to move towards knowledge-based decision-making using data and analytics as facts to back up your decision instead of solely basing it on intuition, especially when making critical business decisions. Let the data tell you the story.

Just GECO It

By | 25th October, 2021|

When things are difficult to handle at work (whether you are looking for motivation or trapped in a sticky situation), just GECO it! GECO represents the four core values of JurisTech.

Juris OneCore: Next Generation Loan Management System

By | 15th October, 2021|

The rise of the digital age has brought a growing importance for financial institutions to adopt a robust loan management system to streamline their loan lifecycle processes. Learn why Juris OneCore is the preferred loan management system.

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