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How Juris Origination Can Optimise Your Loan Origination

By | 14th April, 2023|

In the financial world, technology and how we utilise it is one of the deciding factors of a business's growth. Most financial institutions are in the business to digitise their loan origination. Find out why Juris Origination is the best choice and how we optimise our processes.

How Innovative AI Models Are Redefining Banking

By | 30th March, 2023|

With the banking industry evolving alongside AI, it comes posed with challenges. Read our latest insight that uncovers the applications and challenges of AI models that are transforming the sector, from enhancing customer experience to mitigating financial risk.

Debt Collection and Agency Management Made Easy

By | 17th March, 2023|

Looking to streamline your debt collection process? Our end-to-end agency management platform offers real-time visibility into DCA performance, automated workflows, and more. Learn how it can benefit your financial institution.

Understanding Customer Experience in Banking

By | 7th March, 2023|

An exceptional customer experience can be crucial in determining customer loyalty and business revenue in the long run. Read the full article to understand the importance of having a personalised digital banking customer journey and how you can elevate the experience for your customers.

The Right Litigation Management System for You

By | 23rd February, 2023|

Managing litigation processes can prove to be a challenging and hefty task. Now, you can bid farewell to manual processes, as automated litigation workflow is here to stay. Read on to find out how we can solve common litigation management pain points with our own litigation management system.

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