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    Specialised marketing solutions for financial services providers

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    Finance can be a complex topic and may seem hard to explain. Educating your customers can be daunting, especially when you have to toe the line of compliance. This is why many financial services providers rely on agencies and marketing firms to help them crack this.

    However, to crack this, you will need a partner with proven marketing expertise. Nobody is more passionate about educating consumers on money matters than iMoney. We provide financial products curation and aggregation, personal finance-related content, as well as financial services marketing to our partners. We are the Strategic Marketing Partner to brands and businesses primarily in the finance sector.

    As JurisTech’s extended consumer arm, we seek to accommodate their software solutions with our marketing solutions for all our customers. With more than 75 banks and partner brands, and over 9 million unique visitors on our website, we stand competent in our marketing capabilities.

    We are strategic planners, data-driven marketers, and problem-solvers for financial-related industries and those who leverage on this sector.

    How Can We Help?

    25 years experience, iMoney, JurisTech

    25 years of combined retail & financial marketing experience

    iMoney, JurisTech

    A full in-house marketing team with expertise in communication, design, growth marketing, and digital marketing

    target, iMoney, JurisTech

    Highly customised and impact-driven strategy to help our partners achieve their marketing and business objectives

    What Do We Do?

    We provide a wide range of customised brand and marketing solutions to help you meet your objectives in the most efficient way possible.

    content marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Content Marketing

    Produce best-in-class financial content on iMoney Learning Centre, or other channels

    digital marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Digital Marketing

    Analytical and data-driven approach to digital campaign, leveraging on iMoney’s first-party data

    digital design, iMoney, JurisTech

    Design & Development

    Conceptualise, design, and develop creatives such as banners, landing pages, and EDM

    mobile marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Social Media & KOL Management

    Effective social media and KOL campaigns. Full-service social media and KOL management

    survey marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Consumer Surveys

    Market research or data and insights for content and PR campaign

    PR marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Public Relations Management

    Managing public relations campaign such as press release, interview, media events, and content syndication

    Sales marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Advertising Media Sales

    Advertise on iMoney’s assets (website, newsletters, and social media platforms) that captures more than 9 million unique visitors annually

    marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Lead Generation

    A targeted approach of lead generation with eligibility-checking through our call centre

    We have helped over 50 partners in Malaysia and the Philippines

    to market their products and brand

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    How We Can Grow Your Business

    Providing you with multi-faceted marketing solutions

    marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Drive product and brand awareness via our financial marketing services capabilities

    marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Acquire new customers at scale, effectively

    marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Insightful data on consumer behaviour and sentiment

    marketing, iMoney, JurisTech

    Own media assets and a highly engaged customer base (,

    Continuous optimisation to help you reach your business goals

    We believe that constant tracking and monitoring will contribute to a successful marketing campaign. We provide regular reporting, work-in-progress meetings, and work hand-in-hand with our partners to provide an impact-driven marketing solution.

    Some Of Our Partners

    Our Industry Focus

    IndustriesCompany types

    Financial Services

    Government and GLCs

    Healthcare and Wellness




    Fintech Companies

    Institutional Investors

    Insurance Providers

    Property Developers


    Sounds good?

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