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    What is Juris Leads?

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    Juris Leads is a lead management system that captures, tracks, and nurtures prospects and existing customers, to be converted into new business opportunities. It captures leads from multiple channels and sources, automatically distributes to the right relationship manager and create a centralised platform to manage prospects and customers’ conversion journey.

    It is designed to empower your sales force to nurture every lead into conversion through an organised platform, omni-channel acquisition and intelligent resource allocation.

    Why Juris Leads?

    Create an impactful customer journey

    Juris Leads provides a complete customer life cycle interaction from capturing leads to converting leads to customers. The omni-channel capabilities creates opportunities for businesses to create a holistic and seamless transition between contact channels, anytime, anywhere.

    High rate of conversion, greater revenue

    Intelligent allocation of leads to the right relationship manager improves customer relationship experience hence, increasing chances to convert business opportunities.

    Adopt agile lead management process

    The collaborative and multi-channel interaction platform supports input from different sources thereby providing a single platform for financial institutions to manage instructions from multiple channels which mitigates lead leakage. Increase chances of winning deals by addressing customers’ requests and issues in a timely manner.

    Be performance-driven with easy-to-understand insights

    Juris Leads provides powerful dashboards and analytics which give business users a quick glance at the status of all open leads with robust graphical visualisation.

    It also comes with gamification elements such as each relationship manager can view the leaderboard and compare themselves against the top performers.

    Core Functionalities

    Juris Leads Coupled With Juris Origination to accelerate the loan origination process

    Juris Leads seamlessly integrates with our robust loan origination system, Juris Origination.

    At JurisTech, we want to create an end-to-end customer life cycle interaction from capturing leads to generating revenue. Integration with Juris Origination will allow for straight-through processing (STP), where relationship managers could trigger a conversion of a lead, and the system instantly create a loan application.

    Financial institutions can now bridge the information gap, efficiently manage leads and accelerate loan origination application approvals with Juris Leads and Juris Origination.

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