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Navigating your career in times of crisis

By | 11th August, 2020|

The COVID-19 pandemic affecting global economies at an alarming rate has caused distress to fresh graduates as they worry about their career and their future. But fret not! It is not all gloom and doom.

Closing the Employment Gap with COO Naaman Lee

By | 22nd July, 2020|

Employment today has seen many faces and for some, it has certainly put a toll on their career paths. How would this impact software engineering students who are just beginning to explore their opportunities?

BFM’s ‘Failing Forward’: JurisTech on Hiring and Retaining Talent

By | 6th March, 2020|

See Wai Hun, CEO of JurisTech was recently interviewed on BFM’s monthly episode on ‘Failing Forward’  by Audrey Raj on 24th February 2020. She discussed the subject in hiring and retaining talent in the workplace and how JurisTech has grown to harness a group of talented individuals over the period of its growth.

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