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    GECOnites from the Land of Juris

    As part of our expedition to promote the culture of Jurisians, we are embarking on a journey to explain the core values of Juris which are GECOGrowing Heroes, Making Excellence Happen, Customer First, and Opening Up. We thought of a good way to do this would be through having a character to represent each core value and explain the core values through their lenses. You too can be a part of this expedition as we will be posting comic episodes here, periodically.


    GECOnites Episode 14: Real Talk

    By , , , and | 6th October, 2020|

    Taking care of your credit health is important to have a good credit score. However, many out there are unaware of its importance. That is why Cornelius is sharing with us CreditScore, a platform that can generate out credit score report while educating its users about it, provided by iMoney. Read up about it here!

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    Get to Know the GECOnites

    Presenting Gina, Esther, Cornelius, and Omega; four Jurisians who will represent these values. In time, we will see how the GECOnites learn to adopt GECO, and maybe even transform themselves into GECO Knights.


    You may jump straight into the episodes above to find out about their adventures, or get to know them first below.