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What is Juris DecisionCraft?

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Juris DecisionCraft is an auto-decisioning engine that orchestrates and synergises different data and analytics from different systems or sources to produce the best decision possible.

It empowers businesses across various industries to use data-driven insights to make complex, critical decisions in real-time with precision and confidence. A no-code technology with easy-to-use web interface, Juris DecisionCraft gives businesses the ability to enhance decision models within the system even without programming or specialised technical knowledge.

Why Juris DecisionCraft?

Best Auto-Decisioning Engine

Integrates data and analytics from different sources to achieve the best result

Juris DecisionCraft compiles data and analytics from multiple sources (internal and external) or a dataset of rules to provide the best result-based decision recommendation.

Integrate third-party data sources such as credit bureaus, SSM, AMLA, Shariah compliance, or AI models into the decisioning engines.

Automated decisioning

Optimises the decision-making process by automating business decisions based on data, defined criteria and rules set.

Reduce manual work and human intervention so that your managers can spend time on more complex tasks.

Better Decisions with A Decision Engine
Automated Decision Engines

Unleash the power of real-time decisioning

Synergises multiple data sources in real-time so that the engine is able to create actions and deliver them instantly.

Make the right decision in real-time and eliminate delays that cause your business to lose customers while enhancing customer experience as a whole.

Asses the potential business impact of the decision model before it goes live

Edit and test models with ease with powerful error-checking, logic validation, visual comparison, and decision simulation tools.

Automated Decision-Making System
Automated Decision Software

Find the best decision model

Test and experiment with different decision models with Champion Challenger to determine the best model that gives the most favourable outcome.

How Does Juris DecisionCraft Work in the Financial Industry?

Automated Decision Software
Decision Management System

Core Functionalities

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