About Laura Tsen

Laura Tsen is the Marketing Executive of JurisTech. She does digital marketing that includes SEO and SEM. She is always intrigued by the world of technology and how it creates a future with endless possibilities. Having a passion to create and build awareness in embracing digital transformation to impact and improve the overall lifestyle of our society.

Best Practices to Kickstart AI with Success

The potential to deliver real business value by leveraging AI initiatives is massive and kickstarting AI may seem easy. Many enterprises look for a mythical data scientist to write some codes and let the “magic” happen. However, this is not the case.

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Recruitment to Scale

Knowing the ins and outs of recruiting the best to scale an organisation can be hard but let's hear what these professionals have to say about it!

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Break Through and Innovate!

Fascinating facts and big insights were discussed during the panel dialogue with esteemed tech players on how to break through and innovate with artificial intelligence.

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