JurisTech’s Fintech Footprint: From Malaysia To The Global Landscape

In finance and technology, JurisTech is an innovative force shaping the global future under CEO See Wai Hun’s visionary leadership. Explore our journey, discover fintech's key factors, and see how JurisTech drives the revolution. From financial inclusion to AI innovation, we're reshaping finance.

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5 Questions with our Chief Product Officer (CPO), Tan Yan Lun

Meet Tan Yan Lun, our Chief Product Officer (CPO) at JurisTech. Yan Lun leads and provides the company with a clear vision for our overall product suites, and establishes best practices for product roadmaps so that as a company, we are able to exceptionally deliver the right solutions to meet our clients' business needs and goals. Let's take a look at his journey in becoming a CPO and some of the lessons learned along the way.

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