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The JurisTech Journey: Tech Background Optional

JurisTech is Malaysia’s premier fintech company, but you don’t need to have a tech background to be a Jurisian. One of our GECO core values that we practise is called ‘Growing Heroes’. We truly believe in nurturing existing Jurisians to equip them with the knowledge and skills they previously may not have.


While we do have equally important non-tech departments in design, finance, human resources, management, marketing, sales, etc, Business Analysts aka Professional Services Engineers are the bridge, taking the code from Software Engineers to configure and customise it into a solution for our clients. It is very much a technical position but anyone with a non-tech background has an equal opportunity to excel here, as long they have the passion and the capacity to learn.

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Kickstart Your Future Career with JurisTech

By | 4th April, 2022|

Chief Innovation Officer (CINO) of JurisTech, Hosein Abedinpourshotorban, was invited to Selangor Human Resources & Development Centre virtual career talk to share how students should kickstart their careers. Learn more.

My Internship Experience at JurisTech

By | 31st March, 2022|

Come learn about the benefits and opportunities you can achieve by interning at JurisTech. Awesome seniors, growth opportunities and a great work environment!

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Software Development

Build the next generation of FinTech software and learn from legends like John Lim!

Client Management

Interface with the clients, you’re the bridge between the client and our project teams.


Lubricate the sale process in our pre-sale department. Make sure the sale goes down without a glitch.

UI/UX Development

Make our solutions look sleek and shiny. If you’ve got a passion for design this is the job for you!

HR & Talent Affairs

Are you  “people person” with a knack for spotting talent? Look no further!

Pro-active Customer Service (PCS)

A rare breed of hero with a flair for troubleshooting and fixing problems before they even appear.

Data Scientist

One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in Juris. Work with big data and AI to build the next generation Fintech solutions.

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