• Diving Into The New Financial Landscape, A Talk with APU Students

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    On 9th November 2022, Asia Pacific University (APU) invited JurisTech to their physical event titled “Fintech Talk: Diving Into The New Financial Landscape”. Our Chief Innovation Officer, Hosein Abedinpourshotorban, went to the university campus to share insights and knowledge with the students on the future of Fintech.

    Hosein and JurisTech’s representatives were greeted warmly by the university as well as 70 students that attended the talk and were eager to learn about Fintech. Hosein started by giving a short introduction about himself, his career path in JurisTech and his background. He then brings up the energy of the audience with a short ice-breaking game before diving deeper into the Fintech industry. Hosein then introduced JurisTech to the attendees and students, telling them what JurisTech does and how the company contributes to the financial market in Malaysia and international markets by providing solutions to banks and financial institutions. 

    Introduction by Hosein

    Hosein then moved to explain the four industrial revolutions throughout the years. He shared how the world has evolved over the years to where we are now. He mentioned how during the first industrial revolution between 1765 – 1870, technology started to evolve, where human civilisation explored new ways to build machines to automate mass production. During this time, businesses were starting to rise across the world with the help of loans from banks that enabled businessmen to expand their businesses. He then shared that several decades went by and the second industrial revolution began in 1870. The Technological Revolution was a phase of rapid scientific discovery, standardisation, mass production, and industrialisation.

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    The Four Industrial Revolutions

    Hosein highlighted that during the third industrial revolution between 1970 – 2000, the world went through a massive change due to the Digital Revolution. Not only telephones, but computers were starting to grow in popularity globally. With the rapid advancement of computer technology, a lot of human work was taken over by machines. This resulted in a lot of workers being laid off and the industry changed significantly since they were not relying heavily on manpower to do most of the work. 

    Last but not least, Hosein introduced The Smart Era, which continues to this day, and is characterised by the introduction of the Internet and thus increasing digitisation. He shared that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is already integrated into many companies and our everyday lives, and we can no longer imagine life without it. By connecting machines or everyday objects with the internet, devices are able to perform tasks with complete automation.

    Now, how will The Smart Era (Industry 4.0) disrupt the financial industry? Before going further, Hosein shared more on the ins and outs of the Fintech industry. He described Fintech in the way it uses technologies, products, and business models to compete with traditional financial methods. He also talked about the three ages of Fintech.

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    The Three Fintech Ages

    Diving further into the financial landscape, Hosein shares more on new digitalisation areas, starting with digital banks. He started off by explaining the difference between a digital bank and a neo bank. He also explained the advantages of using digital banks and how it is catered carefully towards customer experience. He further spoke about customer experience and how inconvenient it was for customers to do banking in the past, from the process of going to the bank and the amount of paperwork and the time spent on waiting. However, now digital banks have made it their mission to enhance the customer experience by creating new digital banking alternatives such as an omnichannel banking experience anywhere across the world, accessible public transport by application, in-house financial advisors, transactions with cryptocurrencies, banking available 24/7, and free online bill paying systems.

    Hosein then moved on to explain blockchain: the usage of blockchain, how it connects to cryptocurrencies and the types of blockchain technology. He also explained the significant role that blockchain has in the financial industry with regard to payments, clearance and settlement systems, customer KYC, fraud prevention, loan, credit, security, and fundraising.  Hosein also explained where blockchain is heading by providing a list of companies that are using blockchain in their business.

    Source: Blockdata

    Last but not least, Hosein talked about artificial intelligence and how it has helped the financial industry. He elaborated on three primary disciplines of AI namely, computer vision, natural processing language, and machine learning. Then, Hosein explained how AI makes financing accessible by using alternative methods such as alternative financial service data, rental payments, asset ownership, utility payments, full file public records, consumer permissioned data, and mobile data.

    With these new digitalisation areas such as digital banks, blockchains, and artificial intelligence, the Fintech industry is already being disrupted. He wrapped up by bringing it into a full circle as to how industry 4.0 had enabled such disruption.  

    Coming towards the end of the event, APU shared a token of appreciation for Hosein and JurisTech. After the event, the university representative gave an insightful tour around their campus and ended the day with lunch together.

    Token of Appreciation from APU

    Group photo with the attendees

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