• About Ming Yih

    Ming Yih is a Marketing and Communications Executive at JurisTech. Ming Yih is a postgraduate with Master’s in Communications from Taylor’s University, with a strong sense of curiosity in the emerging fintech industry in Malaysia. Outside of work, he is a drummer, who graduated from the British and Irish Modern Music Institute of London.

    JurisTech’s CEO Celebrates Entrepreneurial Success Stories at Endeavor Malaysia’s Local Selection Panel 2024

    JurisTech's CEO, See Wai Hun, continues to lead the charge in fostering entrepreneurship as a panellist at Endeavor Malaysia's Local Selection Panel 2024. With two standout entrepreneurs, Johnson Khoo and Zeth Lim, making waves as pre-ISP candidates, the event underscores Endeavor's commitment to empowering high-impact ventures like Nori Malaysia and Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd. Congratulations to all, as they embark on a journey of growth and innovation within Endeavor's vibrant ecosystem of support

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    JurisTech’s CEO Unveils Transformative Vision for Indonesia’s Microfinance Landscape at APPI National Seminar 2024

    JurisTech's CEO, See Wai Hun, took centre stage at the APPI National Seminar 2024, captivating an audience of microfinance representatives with her insightful discourse on leveraging technology to drive business values. Her presentation resonated deeply, offering strategic guidance on navigating the evolving regulatory landscape and embracing digital transformation to achieve organisational excellence. Wai Hun's involvement underscored JurisTech's commitment to empowering financial institutions with innovative solutions tailored to their evolving needs.

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