• JurisTech’s CEO Celebrates Entrepreneurial Success Stories at Endeavor Malaysia’s Local Selection Panel 2024

    5th April 2024 – JurisTech’s visionary CEO, See Wai Hun, has once again been extended with an esteemed invitation to serve as a panellist at the Endeavor Malaysia’s Local Selection Panel (LSP) for 2024.

    Endeavor Malaysia Local Selection Panel 2024 Group Picture of Attendees

    Group picture of the the attendees of Endeavor Malaysia’s LSP 2024

    Endeavor Malaysia, the local affiliate of the world-renowned non-profit organisation Endeavor, remains committed to cultivating an ecosystem conducive to high-impact entrepreneurship. Founded in 1997, Endeavor is the leading global community for forward-thinking entrepreneurs. Numerous recipients all over the world have had life-changing opportunities made possible by its unwavering commitment to developing entrepreneurial talent.

    Today, Endeavor’s vast network reaches nearly 40 countries and empowers more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, whose combined efforts have generated over USD 28 billion in revenue. Moreover, these business owners have been instrumental in creating more than 3.9 million employment opportunities and raising more than USD 4 billion in capital in 2020 alone. With its distinct entrepreneur-first strategy, strong peer-to-peer community, and trust-based network, Endeavor remains a driving force behind innovation and expansion.

    Endeavour Malaysia organises the LSP every year as part of its commitment to developing bright entrepreneurial talent locally. The LSP acts as a doorway for high-impact entrepreneurs to receive strategic support and direction. This year, Wai Hun was honoured to be invited to participate as a panellist once more, joining notable individuals like E-lene Kee and Endeavour Mentors Dato’ Henry Goh (MACROKIOSK MATTERS) and Tony Chin FCA, ICDM(F), QRD on the panel.

    This year, we saw the victory of two incredible entrepreneurs: Johnson Khoo, co-founder of Nori Malaysia, and Zeth Lim, CEO of Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd, who impressed the panel and qualified to become pre-International Selection Panel (ISP) candidates. 

    With an emphasis on celebrities, Nori Malaysia is a brand incubator that provides all-encompassing assistance from product inception to market expansion. They manage the entire supply chain, create lifestyle products customised to specific celebrity images, and work with top platforms to increase brand visibility.

    Meanwhile, Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd leads the charge in meeting Malaysia’s growing demand for renewable energy solutions. Specialising in solar panel planning, installation, and maintenance, they provide their clients with affordable, dependable solutions that are tailored to their specific energy requirements.

    Zeth Lim undergoing the selection process at the Endeavor Malaysia’s Local Selection Panel 2024-4

    Zeth Lim undergoing the selection process at the Endeavor Malaysia’s LSP 2024

    The entrepreneurs who make the cut proceed to the final round of selection—the ISP. Here, they would be able to network with powerful business people, exchange ideas, and obtain additional funding for their initiatives.

    Group Picture of Endeavor Malaysia's Local Selection Panel 2024 Panelists

    From left: E-lene Kee,  Dato’ Henry Goh – CEO of Macrokiosk, Adlin Yusman – Managing Director of Endeavor Malaysia, Tony Chin – Chairman of Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Malaysia, See Wai Hun – CEO of JurisTech

    In 2014, Wai Hun was one of the candidates for the 54th International Selection Panel in New York, where she alongside our co-founders John Lim and Naaman Lee, were selected as Endeavour Entrepreneurs. Wai Hun, who is now an assessor, seized the opportunity to give back and assess businesses, advancing those with exceptional potential to the next phase. Moreover, for the preceding three years, JurisTech has been influential to the LSP panel by being graciously invited as panellists.

    We are delighted to welcome Nori Malaysia and Verdant Solar Sdn Bhd into the Endeavour family and would like to express our sincere congratulations to them both. Through Endeavor’s unmatched ecosystem of mentors, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs, they will receive the support and direction they need to overcome the obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities to dream bigger, scale faster, and pay it forward.

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