• JurisTech Hosts University Malaya Students for Interactive Industrial Visit

    On the 25th of April, JurisTech recently hosted a cohort of 40 bright minds from Universiti Malaya, offering them an exclusive glimpse into the inner workings of our dynamic company. The industrial visit was intended to be both educational and interactive, and it was led by our very own Functional Lead Mervyn Lau, a distinguished UM alumnus, and Elizabeth Lim, JurisTech’s Head of Recruitment.

    Universiti Malaya students listening attentively to Elizabeth at the start of the Industrial visit

    JurisTech’s HR Team warmly welcoming UM students to the office tour.

    Kicking off the day, the students were warmly welcomed by our dedicated HR team before diving into an engaging office tour led by Elizabeth. Dubbed the “Riddle Rally”, this interactive tour encouraged students to form teams, each armed with a map and a mission: to uncover insights about JurisTech’s diverse product units. Students not only learned about our core products through this gamified experience, but they also developed a deeper comprehension of how each solution contributes to the digitisation of the credit management lifecycle.

    Universiti Malaya Students Learning About Credit Management Process at JurisTech Industrial Visit

    UM Students gathering info from a business unit to progress in their office tour. 

    Following the tour, the students gathered to share their newfound knowledge, delving into the intricacies of JurisTech’s operations and the role JurisTech’s software plays in revolutionising credit management. This conversational session prepared Mervyn Lau to speak and share his personal story of transitioning from an intern to a Functional Lead at JurisTech. The students found Mervyn’s account of how he decided to join JurisTech fascinating since it demonstrated the company’s dedication to facilitating talent development programmes at JurisTech’s Heroes Training Academy. 

    Reflecting on his internship experience, Mervyn emphasised the support he received from his seniors, which propelled him towards success and ultimately, leadership roles within the company. His journey served as an inspiration, highlighting the opportunities for growth and development at JurisTech.

    Elizabeth then discussed the values-driven GECO culture of JurisTech, which is based on principles such as “Customer First” and “Growing Heroes.” She emphasised the critical role business analysts play in fostering innovation and ensuring client satisfaction by converting client needs into actionable insights.

    In her discussion of potential career paths, Elizabeth emphasised the adaptability of software engineers, who are skilled in a variety of fields like database administration and front-end development. She also introduced the Heroes Training Academy, which provides intensive training to equip people with the skills they need to transition into tech roles.

    The highlight of the visit came when COO Naaman Lee presented an award to the top-performing team from the office tour. The students had the chance to learn from industry experts during an interactive Q&A session that ensued. When posed with the question about JurisTech’s criteria for hiring, Naaman flipped the script with a thought-provoking response. He turned the focus back to the students themselves, asking what steps they should take to carve out successful careers.

    Naaman Presenting an Aware to the Group with the highest points at the Universiti Malaya's Industrial Visit to JurisTech

    Naaman giving an award to the team with the highest points in the office tour.

    Naaman stressed the importance of academic diligence, highlighting that a student’s CGPA serves as a key metric for employers evaluating resumes. He emphasised the importance of studying and stated that students’ dedication and sense of responsibility are reflected in their academic performance.

    Furthermore, Naaman encouraged students to view their university years as opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Students who immerse themselves in their chosen fields can emerge as confident and competent individuals prepared to face the challenges of the workplace.

    “A student’s biggest responsibility is to study hard and make use of the time spent in their university days to develop essential skill sets that would ultimately set them up for endless opportunities.” – Naaman Lee, JurisTech’s COO 

    Naaman sharing his advice to Universiti Malaya students who attended the Universiti Malaya Industrial Visit to JurisTech

    Naaman sharing his advice with passion to the next generation.

    Naaman’s advice resonated deeply as he stressed the importance of academic excellence and continuous learning in shaping a successful career path. Having gained new knowledge and inspiration, the students left JurisTech with a renewed sense of purpose and determination. They were given the confidence to strive for excellence in their future endeavours as well as a deciphering of the tech industry thanks to this unforgettable experience. The future appears more promising than ever for aspirational tech enthusiasts, thanks to JurisTech’s dedication to developing talent and promoting an innovative culture.

    Group photo of Universiti Malaya Students at the end of the Industrial Visit.

    Group photo of UM Students at the end of the Industrial Visit. 

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