JurisTech’s Fintech Footprint: From Malaysia To The Global Landscape

In finance and technology, JurisTech is an innovative force shaping the global future under CEO See Wai Hun’s visionary leadership. Explore our journey, discover fintech's key factors, and see how JurisTech drives the revolution. From financial inclusion to AI innovation, we're reshaping finance.

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The Right Litigation Management System for You

Managing litigation processes can prove to be a challenging and hefty task. Now, you can bid farewell to manual processes, as automated litigation workflow is here to stay. Read on to find out how we can solve common litigation management pain points with our own litigation management system.

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Learning About Fintech: How Technology can Change our Understanding of Finance

The Fintech industry is an ever-growing area of opportunities, but with the expanding market and complex terminology, navigating through Fintech as a learner can be challenging. This article is for those that want to understand and take their first few steps into Fintech and learn what exactly it is and the technology that powers it!

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