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Process Automation

Exponential growth through maximum automation!

By nature, fintech is a fast-paced industry. Thanks to the forth industrial revolution, consumers want everything done yesterday. In order to stay relevant, and to battle competition from fintech start-ups and giants alike, it is prudent to automate processes and reduce friction as much as possible. Our solutions can help you reduce lag-time on various processes that normally take weeks or months to minutes and hours.

Our solutions to your problems

Is your loan approval process painfully slow and sluggish?

Juris Origination Management (JOM)

A highly flexible, efficient, and robust loan origination management software solution with a proven track record of success.

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Trouble connecting multiple parties in credit disbursement?

Juris Credit

Handles the insurance and loan documentation workflow for all parties, plus connecting lawyers, valuers, insurers, and bankers together in a unified intranet.

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Are you jumping through hoops to collect debt?

Juris Collect

End-to-end debt collection software system, allowing you to profile customers and employ different strategies that are most likely to work.

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Are you bogged down with legal processes?

Juris Legal

Late-stage recovery using lawyers with the entire legal workflow built-in from ‘Letter of Demand’ to ‘Judgment.’

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Our Supplementary Solutions

Supplementary Solutions