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What We Do

Digital Transformation

To keep pace with the Fintech wave, banks and financial institutions must kickstart their digital transformation. JurisTech’s solutions can dramatically improve service delivery, customer satisfaction, and time-to-market for banks’ products.

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Reimagine Digital Banking

Power the moments and captivate customers at every juncture of their life. JurisTech’s end-to-end digital banking platform will help achieve revolutionary customer journeys and deliver extraordinary banking experiences.

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News & Insights

Learning About Fintech: How Technology can Change our Understanding of Finance

By | 3rd February, 2023|

The Fintech industry is an ever-growing area of opportunities, but with the expanding market and complex terminology, navigating through Fintech as a learner can be challenging. This article is for those that want to understand and take their first few steps into Fintech and learn what exactly it is and the technology that powers it!

Top 3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Look Out for in 2023

By | 29th December, 2022|

What was once a science-fiction dream is now a part of our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at an unprecedented pace and will lay the groundwork for more technological innovations and business opportunities. Here are three AI trends to lookout for in 2023.

JurisTech Hackathon 2022 – Fostering An Innovative Culture

By | 22nd December, 2022|

On the 1st of September, we started JurisTech Hackathon 2022, fostering our culture of innovation. Every business unit came together to develop innovative solutions in the spirit of excellence, and three teams emerged as our winners. Read on to find out who the winners of JurisTech Hackathon 2022 are!

Now Is The Best Time To Upgrade Your Legacy Banking Software

By | 7th December, 2022|

95% of banks in the APAC region are still running on second or third-generation banking technology, which severely limits their ability to innovate and at the same time, bears an increasing cost. Read on to find out the benefits that come with upgrading your legacy banking software.

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Careers in JurisTech

My Internship Journey at JurisTech

By | 27th January, 2023|

Curious about the working environment and experience at JurisTech? Read Alisha's memorable internship experience, her ups and downs, and what she has learned and loves the most as an intern.

Career Sharing Talk with SHRDC Tech Graduates

By | 15th November, 2022|

JurisTech was recently invited by SHRDC to give a virtual career talk with their graduates on kickstarting their careers with one of the fastest-growing Fintech companies in Malaysia. Read the full news here.

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