• Pac Lease Berhad Goes Live with JurisTech’s Digital Financial System

    Pac Lease Berhad (Pac Lease), a prominent equipment finance company in Malaysia, has announced the successful go-live of its new digital financial system, powered by world-class fintech solutions provider, JurisTech. This strategic move to digtialise its financial processes underscores both companies’ broader commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, positioning Pac Lease as a forward-thinking, eco-conscious leader in the financial industry.

    JurisTech, with over 25 years of experience in delivering enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions (FIs), telecommunications, insurance, and automotive companies, has successfully implemented digital transformation initiatives globally. Leveraging this substantial experience, JurisTech has equipped Pac Lease with the tools to streamline and automate its financial processes, enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

    “We take great pride in being selected as the driving force behind Pac Lease’s digital transformation journey. We are confident that the implementation of the digital financial system will be both seamless and efficient. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate the positive impacts JurisTech’s digital financial system will bring to Pac Lease. We are committed to being Pac Lease’s trusted technology solution provider throughout their ongoing digitalisation journey,” asserted Lucas, Head of JurisTech’s product development unit.

    The digital financial system, which went live in March 2024, integrates advanced compliance and risk management features to ensure regulatory adherence and policy enforcement. This implementation allows Pac Lease to boast faster internal operations and improved customer experiences, positioning itself as a technology-driven leader in the financial industry.

    The digitisation of Pac Lease’s financing processes, powered by a proven solution provider, reveals JurisTech’s commitment to delivering value-adding solutions and services to its customers and partners globally. By implementing JurisTech’s digital financial system, Pac Lease can significantly reduce manual labour and paperwork, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing environmental impact. This supports a more eco-friendly approach to their financial operations and reflects Pac Lease’s commitment to environmental responsibility, a crucial aspect of ESG principles.

    Beyond streamlining and automating processes, the system eliminates repetitive tasks and incorporates robust compliance checks and risk management features. These elements ensure regulatory adherence and policy enforcement—hallmarks of JurisTech’s fintech solutions. With solutions designed to accommodate evolving business needs, Pac Lease can dynamically adapt to changing lending environments, realising greater value and business outcomes for their customers. Built on a powerful enterprise-grade architecture with highly scalable components, Pac Lease now holds the future of finance to innovate and scale confidently.

    About JurisTech

    JurisTech is a leading global fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, telecommunications and automotive companies in Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East and more. Founded in 1997 amidst the Asian financial crisis, JurisTech’s contributions and drive to revolutionise the financial industry in Malaysia has garnered numerous awards, including Best Innovation and Best Use of Technology from Star Outstanding Business Awards.

    JurisTech’s founders were recognised globally as high-impact entrepreneurs when they were selected to be part of Endeavor, a non-profit organisation in 2014, and CEO See Wai Hun was named EY Woman Entrepreneur of The Year 2019 in Malaysia. Living by the motto, “The right software, exceptionally delivered”, it is the main driver of the company’s growth, success, and achievements.

    JurisTech Website: JurisTech.net

    About Pac Lease

    Pac Lease Berhad (“Pac Lease”) was incorporated as a private limited company on 9 May 1996 and was converted into a public limited company in June 2011. They have been a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCBC Capital (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd since May 2012. Pac Lease primarily offers hire purchase facilities for the purchase of capital equipment and machinery as well as term loans, bridging loans/development loans, loans for asset financing, working capital and trade financing facilities to SMEs. Headquarters in KL with 16 branches across Malaysia, Pac Lease also offers insurance products and other financing services.

    Pac Lease Website: paclease.com.my

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