• John Lim Award 2021: Awarding New Company Milestones

    On the 2nd of July, Bruno Severiano, a front-end developer for JurisTech and iMoney was recently announced as the winner of the John Lim Award in the first half of 2021, with a winning prize of RM 2,000.

    The John Lim Award is a reputable and esteemed award that honours software engineers (SEs) in JurisTech and our sister company, iMoney, who’ve made significant contributions and outstanding achievements in the innovation of technology. The John Lim Award offers software engineers opportunities that aim to uphold their accomplishments and grant them a sense of fulfilment. As part of JurisTech’s core values (GECO values), the award, held semi-annually, will continue to seek and encourage talented engineers in the company to showcase their innovative breakthroughs in technology and award them for their stellar achievements.

    Bruno Severiano, John Lim Award

    Bruno Severiano

    “ I’m very grateful for this opportunity that was presented to me and would like to greatly thank the support of my team in achieving this award.” – Bruno Severiano

    Bruno has truly shown a remarkable and outstanding effort in his significant contribution to innovate and exemplify one of JurisTech’s core values in ‘Making Excellence Happen’. In the first half of 2021’s award, we’ve seen more nominations from many of our SE’s who’ve shared some very impressive projects compared to 2020. 

    JurisTech’s new panel of judges this year were, John Lim Chief Technology Officer, Sam Foo Technical Architect for Digital Onboarding Team (DOT), and Hosein Abedinpourshotorban – Head of Centre of Excellence (COE). The judges were all very impressed with this round’s project nominations, going through a series of intense evaluations to determine the project that met the highest technical innovation with a great impact on the betterment of our company and customers. 

    Judges, John Lim Award

    Hosein Abedinpourshotorban (Left), John Lim (Centre), Sam Foo (Right)

    The winning project would be the one that satisfies the following criteria:

    1. Project Impact Technical work or innovation with significant impact on the betterment of customers or fellow colleagues.
    2. Technical Excellence A technical innovation by individuals or a team, or a clever two-line hack that nobody could have imagined.

    This year’s award recognised Bruno Severiano’s technical innovation for iMoney’s website optimisation in enhancing the performance of our vertical pages. It all started in August 2020, when teams from JurisTech and iMoney shared a project to improve the Personal Loan vertical, which included optimising Google’s score index. By December 2020, the improved Personal Loan vertical was finally launched. The results? Mobile page loading speeds were 93% faster. Google’s Lighthouse performance index saw a 233% improvement in overall page speeds. SEO visibility was improved by 14%, with an increased number of users viewing the Personal Loan page than other competitors.

    At that moment, that technical piece of art had put the judges in awe as Bruno presented a high level of complexity in his code which indefinitely stood out as a technical breakthrough.

    Our honourable mention and 1st runner up of the award goes to Baqir Hashmani, a Senior Software Engineer at JurisTech who came really close to the winner with his Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Implementation. The implementation was designed to help significantly reduce the number of works to automate a user’s action in the process of configuring customers’ information. With RPA, the users can manage to process a higher volume of applications in a shorter span of time.

    Using RPA, users would be able to automatically configure and populate customer’s information on multiple processes and stage flows. Instead of coding complicated logic, RPA uses a robot that simulates a web browser that logs on to the system and performs automated flows. This had resulted in hundreds of use cases of RPA being successfully processed. 

    John Lim Award, baqir hashmani, shirt, tie

    Baqir Hashmani

    We are very proud to see our engineers continuously pursue excellence and soaring through innovation heights. Their ongoing commitment towards excellence is paramount to outstanding personal performance, leaving a legacy of success. Congratulations again to Bruno and Baqir for achieving new company milestones!

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