• 4 Low-key JurisTech Communities You May Not Know About

    Planning a hangout with your colleagues can be quite sticky and awkward. Especially when you can’t think of anything fun to do. You can go out for dinner but that’ll cost you if you go weekly. Or you can catch a movie with them, but you can’t talk to each other in the cinema. “Then what should we do? Where should we go?” If you’re asking the same questions every week, keep reading. We’ve got the answers for you.

    The communities in Juris formed themselves organically and serve as a great way to hang out with your colleagues and have a good time, while keeping yourself healthy. Some of these activities will still be quite sticky, from sweat, but that’s a good thing, right?


    One of the activities available in Juris is Badminton. The group was initiated in 2017 by Katherine Chang, our business analyst, because she absolutely loves the sport. To the point that she cried when Lee Chong Wei lost; would play every day if she could. So, she started inviting her workmates to join her weekly badminton nights.

    But don’t worry, even if you suck at badminton, you can still join the group. They are so welcoming, you will not feel alienated (trust me, I’m terrible at it but they still played with me). You can also bring along a plus-one. Each game will be played as doubles, so more players are definitely welcomed. Besides, won’t you prefer if your loved ones get to know the people you spend most of your time with?

    The team meets up every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Challenger Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya. If you’re interested to join, you can contact Katherine Chang, and join the WhatsApp group to get updates on their meetups. You can also talk to the regular joiners like Koh Tien Koon, Dhiak Adhar, Ng Fu Hsien, and Thomas Teoh for more info.


    Juris also has a group that goes running in the evening. There is no official name for this group, so let’s call it “Be runnin’ with Benjamin”.  Back in October 2017, a group of Jurisians came together to join a virtual event called Zeroxcuse and managed to complete collectively 60km. After the event, Ben Chee, who often joins marathons and long-distance cycling events, took over the team and started inviting other Jurisians. It’s cool to see those who have never spoken to each other before, now have a reason to do so. Think about it, you get to be fit with your workmates, and make new friends. In fact, random runners would occasionally join in, too.

    The team has discovered a few routes (with different difficulty levels) that they would rotate every week. On rainy days, they are the champions of the stairs. They can even go all the way up to level 31 of the building.

    If you wish to run with them, change into your sports attire and join them. There isn’t a WhatsApp group for this club, as their form of communication is transmitted over-the-air, orally. This group meets up every Monday and Wednesday, at 6.30pm in the lobby. And on weekends, they would go hiking with Juris’s hiking club.


    Yes, we also have Hiking Juris, where they are more laid-back. If someone suggests the place, they’ll go! It all started when a few Jurisians went on a trip to hike up Mount Rinjani back in April. That’s right. They’re so laid-back, scaling the 3,726m mountain is like a walk in park to them. Since their trip was super-duper amazing, they wanted to share it with others as well. Surprisingly, many Jurisians enjoy trekking, which makes it way easier to organise outings as there will always be those who are available to join.

    You can contact Benjamin Chee for more info on the next hill they climb, or you can join their WhatsApp group.


    Juris has also created Boardgames Juris. When Yong Kuet Tai and Kok Jiann Yao created this group, they only focused on Agricola, a board game for five players. During their very first session, many people signed up, but didn’t show up. That was quite a bummer. But they soldiered on and proceeded to play anyway. After 8 o’clock, those who were at client sites that heard about the flake-out, started to come and join the two. Before you know it, Joy Room was filled with board games and laughter.

    More players mean more board games, so if you’re interested, you can bring along your favourite board game and play with your mates. The group does not meet up as often as the others, you can talk to Kok Jiann Yao for more info on their meet ups.

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