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If you are a bank or a company that is in dire need to manage or have a desire to smoothen your bad debt recovery process, then welcome to Juris Agency. Juris Agency is a banking software solution that enables the efficient collaboration of credit management units of companies and collection agencies. It uses a highly configurable workflow process in an interactive web-based environment.

‘… A paradigm shift…information at your fingertips’

Juris Agency intensively covers the end to end process of agency management, from case distribution to case management, the billing and the commission payment for your collection agencies.

Juris Agency is a phenomenal web-based solution. It comes with best practice agency management processes, making this system second to none.

With Juris Agency, you will experience a paradigm shift from manual management to an online collaborative environment with the external agencies making information available at your fingertips.

Managing a Group of Collection Agencies

Managing collection agencies can be complex and tense, but Juris Agency simplifies business and life for you. Our accounts distribution to collection agencies is automated by using our comprehensive distribution engine, thereby reducing the stress of your workload and allowing you more time to shift your attention to other matters.

With the Juris Agency banking software, you are guaranteed an effective yet forward-looking agency framework, making it easy to manage and track the collection agency’s performance, turnaround times and productivity. In each step and stage of your collection agency process, you can assign a turnaround time, and each case and collection agency can be tracked by this turnaround time, giving you the ability to control the flow of your collection process, thereby reducing the risk of writing off the debt and improving your cash flow.

Furthermore, Juris Agency has a contemporary built-in messaging feature that sends notifications to collection agencies, on the assigned tasks which lack updates within a certain period, based on their user IDs. This gives you more time to plan for your collection activities, rather than manage the collection agencies.

Juris Agency also provides collection agencies with an instant way of updating their log books, thus making it easier for banks to track and make new arrangements with customer who have improved in their loan performance, thereby boosting the cash flow, as less money goes to paying commission.

Core Functionalities

  • Effective Communication and Monitoring

    Juris Agency is fully capable of handling large capacity of cases with ease, at the same time empowering you with the ability to check the status and progress of your cases, thus allowing you to make instantaneous updates, where you see relevant.

  • Complete Case Workflow

    The distribution of new cases of the non-performing loans or delinquent debt accounts to collection agencies depends on the case category, agency quota and case location, cases can also be auto pulled back and auto extended. All this can be conveniently configured by you, to suit your requirements.

  • Integrated with Other Systems

    Juris Agency is well-integrated with other systems like the billing system, the payment and the commission processing system. Furthermore, it extensively supports all key enterprise integration standards such as XML, ISO 8583, Web Services/SOAP, making it well suited for your needs.

  • Fully customizable user interface

    The look and feel customization process of Juris Agency, is effortless including colour management and information entered when a new case is created. On top of that, you can also create custom fields in Juris Agency to help ensure that your business needs are met.

  • Supporting the Go Green Campaign

    Our Juris Agency banking software is not only user-friendly but it is also environment-friendly, aiming to preserve the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of its user. With Juris Agency, all information and instructions are kept in the electronic media. You can send instructions to your collection agency electronically via the Internet.


Fully web based for centralized processing, easy deployment and lower maintenance and operating cost


Extensively supports all key enterprise integration standards such as XML, ISO 8583, Web Services/SOAP

Advanced Workflow Engine

Automates the business process in the various stages

Collaboration with Multiple Parties

Proven framework for collaboration with multiple parties such as banks, customer agencies and panel lawyers

Management Dashboard and Reporting Tools

A comprehensive and informative management dashboard with reporting tools

Delinquent Debts Categorization

Automated Decisions

Improve Collection

Reduce Write-off