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Why Juris?

We believe in pursuing excellence with integrity while having fun doing it! In Juris, You are in a collaborative working atmosphere which highlights diversity, innovation and development in both personal and career aspects.

This high performance work environment puts the stress on innovation and growth which will broaden and deepen your skills and knowledge. In here, you are mentored and valued while being involved and challenged everyday throughout your journey. Besides, our culture team is always there to make sure “Fun” is always mixed with your work and you are connected within our diverse organization.

How does it feel to be a Jurisian?

Imagine working in a positive and collaborative environment while being surrounded with fun, enthusiastic and intelligent people. Opportunities will be flooding to you every day to make sure you are challenged in every aspect. You will be on the learning’s fast track from your first day. There are trainers, mentors, career counselor and etc. exclusively for you to grow and accelerate your productivity.

Best is having freedom to propose and execute your ideas while getting all the support and coaching you need from your seniors. Not to mention, you never get enough of fun and games around the office which can range from playing Xbox, pool, Ping-pong, air hockey and foosball to throwing dart or chilling at the garden.

Newbies @ Juris!

You will get an overall training on both technical and functional aspect of services on your first week which will be narrowed down to your expertise as you proceed.

The qualities you gain cover basic knowledge and skills about your role, how you collaborate with your teammates, and the solution services itself. Embracing those is a must if you are to make the most of all the opportunities. How well you use these training and get help from your seniors will determine how far and fast you progress and develop. While getting familiar with working environment and procedures, you will be assigned to a specific project. There will be always a leader and mentor for you in the team to make sure you are keeping up with assigned tasks and working on the right track.

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