• JurisTech’s CEO Unveils Fail-Fast Insights at PNB Technology Week

    On November 30, 2023, See Wai Hun, the esteemed CEO of JurisTech and iMoney (a consumer arm of JurisTech), was featured as one of the prominent speakers in a compelling panel discussion with the theme “Adopting the fail-fast philosophy to achieve new innovation.” This engaging session was an integral part of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) Technology Week 2023, where PNB’s employees delved into discussions surrounding the integration of the fail-fast philosophy to catalyse new waves of innovation.

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    From left: Fairuz Suzana binti Hj Kamaruddin, CIO of PNB; See Wai Hun, CEO of JurisTech and iMoney; Tan Sri Muhammad Izzat bin Hj Abdul Aziz, CTO of PNB; Suzana Ahmad, CRO of PNB; Patrick Hew, CTO of Paywatch; Reza Baharin, Head of Fixed Income of PNB; Ravinder Singh, Co-Founder and CCO of AQM Technologies

    Reza Baharin, who serves as the Head of Fixed Income at PNB, was the moderator for the panel discussion. In addition to Wai Hun, the two panel speakers who contributed valuable insights were Patrick Hew, Chief Technology Officer of Paywatch, and Ravinder Singh, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer of AQM Technologies. Together, these industry leaders shared their perspectives on navigating innovation through the fail-fast philosophy.

    Despite Wai Hun representing iMoney at the event, her insights resonated deeply with JurisTech’s commitment to a culture of innovation and growth, echoing the company’s core values of “growing heroes”. The panel delved into the intricacies of cultivating a growth mindset, viewing challenges as opportunities for learning and advancement.

    JurisTech, PNB, fail-fast

    Wai Hun enthusiastically sharing her insights with panel speakers and audiences.

    One pivotal question directed at Wai Hun explored her experiences as a leader in instilling a fail-fast mindset within her companies. Her response illuminated the delicate balance required to cultivate such a culture. To be more specific, she revealed that within JurisTech and iMoney, the fail-fast philosophy is ingrained through a carefully constructed reward and punishment system. 

    Furthermore, Wai Hun emphasised that failure serves as the primary learning platform within JurisTech and iMoney. To illustrate this approach, she provided an example from iMoney, where a substantial initiative encountered unexpected challenges, leading the company to swiftly reassess and pivot. She highlighted this quick response as a prime demonstration of the fail-fast philosophy in practice.

    Today, JurisTech and iMoney approach new initiatives with a systematic breakdown into smaller parts, implementing incremental changes, and subjecting them to rigorous A/B testing. The emphasis on A/B testing serves as a cornerstone of JurisTech’s and iMoney’s strategy, reflecting a commitment to evolving and refining initiatives incrementally, regardless of the industry or specific project. 

    JurisTech, PNB, See Wai Hun, sharing, fail-fast philosophy

    Wai Hun emphasising the importance of A/B testing in JurisTech’s and iMoney’s initiatives.

    Moreover, another probing question from the moderator focused on the perception of failure hindering innovation. Wai Hun’s response delved into the profound role of culture in shaping these perceptions. She emphasised that without intentional efforts to change the culture, it remains stagnant. The creation of a culture, she noted, starts with a single person and permeates through shared responsibility and shared benefits.

    “Everything has to be fostered, and everything has to be intentional,” Wai Hun emphasised, underlining the deliberate effort required to shape a conducive environment for innovation. This intentional culture, rooted in shared responsibility, aligns seamlessly with JurisTech’s and iMoney’s ethos of “growing heroes.” The belief that challenges are not insurmountable obstacles but stepping stones toward growth and learning resonates deeply within the companies.

    Embracing failure is crucial, as it serves as the greatest platform for profound learning and development.” – See Wai Hun

    Wai Hun’s continuous emphasis on A/B testing became a resounding key message. As she actively engaged with the audience at the end of the event, she further reinforced this crucial practice. The culture at JurisTech and iMoney, she iterated, mandates A/B testing for any significant initiative. This ensures that the companies not only adapt swiftly to challenges but thrives in the iterative process of innovation.

    In conclusion, the panel discussion at PNB provided a platform for Wai Hun to showcase JurisTech’s and iMoney’s unwavering commitment to fostering a fail-fast culture and a growth mindset. The insights shared reflected JurisTech’s and iMoney’s core values and strategic approach, highlighting the companies’ position at the forefront of innovative practices in the fintech and financial industries.

    JurisTech, PNB, See Wai Hun, Group photo, fail-fast philosophy, Patrick Hew, Ravinder Singh, Reza Baharin, Paywatch, AQM Technologies

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