• John Lim Award 2024: Celebrating New Innovations in Software Engineering

    John Lim Award 2024

    On the 5th of April, JurisTech was thrilled to announce the winner for this year’s John Lim Award 2024 for celebrating extraordinary achievements in the innovation of technology. The award, which carries a winning prize of RM 2,000, underscores JurisTech’s commitment to recognising excellence in software engineering within our organisation and our affiliated company, iMoney

    Moreover, this annual award not only provides software engineers (SEs) with well-deserved recognition but also instils a profound sense of fulfilment. Aligned with JurisTech’s core values (GECO values), the award remains committed to seeking out and inspiring talented engineers, providing them with platforms to showcase their groundbreaking innovations and recognising their exceptional accomplishments.

    The Esteemed Judges of John Lim Award 2024

    From left: John Lim, Hosein Abedinpourshotorban, Kiarash RazaghiAval and Sam Foo


    This year’s panel of judges, comprising esteemed leaders such as John Lim, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Hosein Abedinpourshotorban, Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Kiarash RazaghiAval, Chief Information Officer (CIO), and Sam Foo Chee Sum, Deputy CIO, undertook a rigorous evaluation process to identify the project that best exemplified technical innovation and its impact on our company and customers.

    Tan Shen Zhe

    Tan Shen Zhe


    Tan Shen Zhe emerged as this year’s award recipient, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions that have propelled JurisTech to new heights. Shen’s innovative approach to workflow optimisation, particularly his acceleration of the ClickUp card creation process, has significantly enhanced our overall response efficiency. His achievement, particularly noteworthy as he has self-taught software engineering in addition to his role as a Business Analyst, serves as an inspiring example to aspiring innovators within JurisTech and iMoney.

    Tan Shen Zhe virtually presenting the problem statements to the judges. 

    Previously, the manual review of tickets generated by our ticketing system and the creation of corresponding ClickUp cards by JurisTech’s Business Analysts were necessary. Shen’s implementation has streamlined this process, reducing wait times for SEs and idle time between ticket receipt and ClickUp card creation. This optimisation has not only enhanced overall response efficiency but also allowed product teams to allocate more time to strategic Business Unit activities, thereby improving accuracy and reliability in managing and responding to customer tickets.

    The Honourable Mentions of John Lim Award 2024, JurisTech
    From left: Abirukmani Venkatachalam, Mohamad Anwar Bin Kollacheri Ebrahim Kutty and Ng Lik Sern


    In addition to the winner, the judges also recognised two honorable mentions: Abirukmani Venkatachalam for her BoM Configurator, which streamlines the process of creating bill of materials for infrastructure proposals, and Mohamad Anwar Bin Kollacheri Ebrahim Kutty and Ng Lik Sern for their One Page Account Debugger, which centralises key information for account case identification numbers onto one screen, facilitating easy debugging and expediting client support.

    The shortlisted candidates presenting their project to the esteemed judges.

    As we celebrate the accomplishments of Tan Shen Zhe and our honorable mentions, we are reminded of the endless possibilities that arise when passion and dedication intersect with opportunity. As we look to the future, let us continue to embrace the spirit of innovation, pushing boundaries, and inspiring each other to reach new heights of excellence. Congratulations to all the recipients, and here’s to many more groundbreaking achievements in the coming years.

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