• JurisTech sells 49% stake to CTOS Digital Berhad



    Kuala Lumpur, 24 December 2021 – JurisTech has entered into a conditional share sale and purchase agreement with CTOS Digital Berhad for the proposed sale of 49% equity interest of the company. 

    Aligned with the announcement made on Bursa Malaysia, we are excited to announce the potential partnership with CTOS Digital Berhad. CTOS Digital Berhad (CTOS) is the holding company of CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, the leading credit reporting agency in Malaysia. CTOS offers a broad suite of innovative digital products and their solutions are widely used by banks, financial institutions, telcos, insurance companies, SMEs, and many other firms. 

    We believe that with CTOS onboard, we are on the right trajectory to create revolutionary and innovative software solutions for the financial industry. As our vision is to create amazing solutions, to build and enrich lives, we want to leverage CTOS’ capabilities such as market presence, clientele, digital products and workforce to drive the company forward to greater heights.


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    “We want to revolutionise the way financial transactions are done. In the future, we see banks, financial institutions, fintech companies and any institution wanting to embed finance into their offerings move from being product-focused to becoming more service-centric, where user experience can be hyper-personalised and services can be composed based on the contextual needs of each individual customer. This is only possible if technology is combined with data and the right ecosystem to create value towards the customer experience. This partnership with CTOS Digital will propel us to fulfil our vision of delivering frictionless financial transactions and drive greater financial inclusion and technology innovation in credit decisioning.” said See Wai Hun, co-founder and CEO of JurisTech.

    We are looking forward to completing the transaction and officially welcome CTOS onboard. 


    Photo Credit: CTOS Digital Berhad


    About JurisTech

    JurisTech (Juris Technologies) is a leading Malaysian-based fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Founded in 1997 amidst the Asian financial crisis, JurisTech’s contributions and drive to revolutionise the financial industry in Malaysia has garnered numerous awards, including Best Innovation and Best Use of Technology from Star Outstanding Business Awards.

    JurisTech’s founders were recognised globally as high-impact entrepreneurs when they were selected to be part of Endeavor, a non-profit organisation in 2014, and CEO See Wai Hun was named EY Woman Entrepreneur of The Year 2019 in Malaysia. Living by the motto, “The right software, exceptionally delivered”, it is the main driver of the company’s growth, success, and achievements.

    JurisTech Website: JurisTech.net


    About CTOS Digital Berhad  (Formerly known as CTOS Holdings Sdn Bhd)

    CTOS Digital Berhad is the holding company of CTOS Data Systems Sdn Bhd, the leading Credit Reporting Agency in Malaysia. It also has 22.65% stake in Business Online Public Company Limited (BOL), the leading credit information and risk management provider in Thailand. Founded in 1990, the Group offers a broad suite of innovative digital products and credit risk management solutions and services which gives it a solid platform to thrive not just in credit reporting, but also in digital credit decisioning across Southeast Asia.

    With a broad suite of innovative products and services developed in Malaysia over the company’s 30-year history, the Group’s digital solutions are widely used by the country’s banking and financial institutions, insurance and telecommunication companies, large corporations, SMEs, legal firms, statutory bodies as well as consumers for self-checks.

    The Group provides solutions across three core customer segments – the Key Account segment, which includes a significant number of leading financial institutions and corporates; the Commercial segment, which includes a growing number of small-and-medium-sized businesses; as well as over 1.4 million individual customers registered with CTOS ID in its Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) segment.

    CTOS Digital Berhad’s mission is to empower individuals and businesses with the confidence to make sound credit decisions through access to data and insights at greater ease and speed, leading the community to better financial health. While its vision is to make Malaysia a centre of excellence for credit reporting in ASEAN.  

    CTOS Digital Berhad’s Website: www.ctosdigital.com 


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