• JurisTech in Myanmar: A New Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

    After a major success in hosting its first event on Artificial Intelligence earlier this year, Juris Technologies closes this year yet again with another remarkable event as our star CEO, See Wai Hun, and professional services engineer, Katherine Chang, highlight the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the banking industry in a conference held in Yangon, Myanmar on 17th December 2019. The conference was organised by Victor Lee, CEO of Elephas, facilitated by Myo Kyaw Khaing, CEO of AWS, with the association of Francis Goh, Director, and Francis Ong, General Manager of IBM, and Sokun Thuch, CEO of First Myanmar. 

    From left: Surarit Wuwong, Myo Kyaw Khaing, Francis Goh, See Wai Hun, Victor Lee, Francis Ong, Katherine Chang. Credits: Naing Lin

    The start of the conference was officiated by Myo giving an opening speech with a warm welcome to the prestigious guests and presenters.

    Myo Kyaw Khaing, CEO of Asia Wiring System (AWS), a cabling system company who deliver their expertise by creating solutions in raising building performance. Credits: Naing Lin

    Francis Ong, General Manager of IBM, took the opportunity to provide updates on the latest IBM products as well as new releases of servers to the audience. He further talks on IBM Q, an industry-first initiative on building quantum computers for its purpose and use in business, engineering, and science.

    Francis Ong, General Manager of IBM. Credits: Naing Lin

    After a brief lunch break, Wai Hun makes her grand entrance by opening a discussion on common misconceptions of AI and how it is often perceived as being the same as machine learning. Where in fact AI is categorised as being the combination of three primary disciplines, namely, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. 

    She further accentuates on how physical and digital businesses today are very distinct in their ways of supporting themselves in the new digital age. Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses need to sustain themselves through proper resource and manpower management. Whereas digital businesses can be done remotely with just a laptop and internet connection.

    See Wai Hun, CEO of Juris Technologies. Credits: Naing Lin

    ‘The world is changing…and we always need to be prepared for what’s coming.’ – See Wai Hun

    Wai Hun addresses how imperative it is for organisations to establish a ‘bold digital vision’ when going through a digital transformation to maintain a clear and concise focus on their direction to scale up, significantly. Digital visions that are not firmly defined will only result in losing sight and create friction between customers. This in turn weakens an organisation’s brand image and potentially affecting opportunities to build profitable relationships.

    To see AI in action, Katherine Chang then comes up to illustrate a demo of some of Juris’s software solutions that employ AI. She demonstrated Juris Access as a digital on-boarding channel to help increase acquisition and decrease the cost of operations. Juris Mindcraft, another AI software solution was also demonstrated in its use of data mining and machine learning to make explainable recommendations of those with credit history.

    Katherine Chang, Professional Services Engineer at JurisTech. Credits: Naing Lin

    ‘If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.’ – Katherine Chang

    Francis Goh, Director of IBM, comes in last to give off his closing remarks to the audience by sharing his gratitude on the pool of knowledge shared among the presenting companies, organisers, and participants of the conference.

    Francis Goh, Director of IBM. Credits: Naing Lin

    Lastly, as a way of helping the audience better augment their problem-solving skills, Katherine Chang concludes the conference by facilitating a fruitful brainstorming session. As a quick warm-up, audience members were first put into groups where they were asked to think of ways of solving Yangon’s traffic control problems. After a quick discussion, the audience were then asked to think of ways that would potentially improve existing operations within their companies through design-thinking strategies.

    The conference ended in great success and brought upon new means of connections and partnerships for future collaborations on building technological global solutions.

    Credits: Naing Lin


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