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A multi-channel, digital financing platform enabling banks to offer a streamlined loan approval process that enables much faster approvals and reduced risk to the banks by removing legacy manual processes. The will provide the key component to transform financial institutions into digital banks.

Why Juris Access?

The challenges in traditional financial institutions today revolve around digitising many of their processes. The existing landscape still does its marketing, origination, submission of documents, verification, approval, and acceptance at physical branches or visits from sales agents.

Some financial institutions do have digital channels, such as online loan application forms, but these typically require an agent to follow-up with the person and still rely on existing brick and mortar processes to carry out the application journey. The digital journey cannot be customised, with no inherent capability to adapt to the ever-changing market and customer needs. This creates an extremely high cost of operations as the financial institutions are still using inefficient and traditional methods.
The challenge then is, how do we create a digital channel for customers that not only allows them to engage with the financial institutions but also reduces the cost of operations by not only digitising but transforming most of these processes?

Help your customers get financing anytime, anywhere!

Juris Access is a digital customer engagement platform that receives new applications for various products through multiple channels, processes these applications in real time, and returns results almost instantaneously to customers; thanks to its tight integration with existing systems.

Its omnichannel nature allows financial institutions to connect with prospective customers through the web, mobile, merchants, social networking sites and even chatbots; giving customers full access to the available products. Juris Access is entirely web-based, has a mobile responsive interface, and can easily integrate with existing systems through its web API.

Just like other Juris products, Juris Access adopts a straight-through processing (STP) initiative where it serves as an automated financing processing platform that bypasses legacy manual processing to engage directly with financial institutions’ customers. It also has an easy and dynamic configuration process for financial institutions, making it accessible even to non-technical users. The tight integration with existing systems allows for fast decision-making and approval.

Advantages of Juris Access

The aim of Juris Access is to digitize the engagement platform end to end, which will lead to:

  1. Building the core component of a digital bank, straight through processing where the entire loan process is digitised.
  2. Acquiring new digital age customers: widening the customer base through channels such as social media, chatbots, mobile, and web.
  3. Transforming business processes: removing the brick and mortar operations and bringing it to the internet.
  4. Enhancing the customer experience: creating an effective and adaptable digital customer experience across multiple channels.
  5. Decreasing time of processing an application: enhancing rate of conversion through a responsive high-speed application.
  6. Improvements in cost-to-income ratio: reduces manpower involvement in the application process.
  7. Maximizing revenue growth: empowering anyone to apply anytime, anywhere across multiple channels.
  8. Increasing speed of deployment: improving speed to market and speed to deploy across channels.

We also provide end-to-end management of the customer from loan origination to collection. Refer to:

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Interaction agent

The Web Services API provides services that bridge Juris Access to various digital channels, including internet banking websites, official and third-party apps, merchants, and even chatbots.

A/B testing of marketing strategies

This helps increase conversion of potential leads by allowing marketers to test different web pages to see if which strategy will appeal more to their target audience.

Flexible wizards and interaction screens

Juris Access comes with wizards for product setup, product offer designs, ability to generate eligibility calculation forms, interaction agent is a unique framework that allows the financial institution to configure and modify their customer journey dynamically and having a unified customer experience wherever they are accessing Juris Access from.

Ability to read physical documents

An optical character recognition (OCR) engine is present in Juris Access that allows users to read paper-based documents and digitize them into PDF files.

Prequalifying engine

Juris Access comes with a prequalifying engine that does product eligibility checking.

Scoring engine

The scoring engine in Juris Access comes with wizards for the financial institution to define scoring rules.

Decision engine

Juris Access comes with the decision engine which is a business process management (BPM) workflow.

Recommendation engine

The recommendation engine offers intelligent recommendations to customers based on their needs using data from different sources that are available to the financial institute.


Juris Access also has a cross-selling engine which allows users to up-sell and cross-sell different products.


There can be an analytics dashboard where the analysis of key metrics is seen.

Lead generation from social networking sites

Ability to generate leads from social networking sites and chatbots. Integration APIs. Built in APIs that support core banking, credit bureau (CTOS, CCRIS, CBM, SSM and RAMCI), SMS and email integrations.