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Juris Access is a multi-channel, digital financing platform enabling banks to offer a streamlined loan approval process that shortens approval time and reduces risk to the banks by replacing the traditional, manual processes. The key component to transform financial institutions into digital banks will be provided.

Why Juris Access?

The challenges in traditional financial institutions today revolve around digitising many of their processes. The existing landscape still carries out these processes at physical branches or visits from sales agents:

  • Marketing
  • Origination
  • Submission of documents
  • Verification
  • Approval
  • Acceptance

Some financial institutions do have digital channels, such as online loan application forms, but these processes are still semi-automated as they require people in order for a follow-up to be done and hence, still going through the proceeding manual steps. The digital journey cannot be continued, as there are no existing solutions to accommodate due to the ever-changing market and customer needs. This creates an extremely high cost of operations as the financial institutions are still using inefficient, traditional methods.

The purpose of Juris Access is to create a digital channel for customers to engage with the financial institutions as well as reduce the cost of operations by digitising and transforming most of these processes.

Help Your Customers Get Financing Anytime, Anywhere!

Juris Access is a digital customer engagement platform that receives new applications for various products through multiple channels, processes these applications in real time, and returns results almost instantaneously to customers; thanks to its tight integration with existing systems. It also supports parallel process flows with which the steps in a stage can fork to several different paths, depending on customer choices.

Customers will have full access to the available products due to its omnichannel nature that allows financial institutions to connect with prospective customers through the web, mobile, merchants, social networking sites, and even chatbots. What makes it favourable is that it maps the customer journey to keep track of registered accounts for your conveniences. Juris Access is entirely web-based and mobile responsive, where users can easily access it from their own mobile devices. Its end-to-end digital workflow is supported with the integration of other Juris solutions and with existing systems through its web API.

Just like other Juris products, Juris Access adopts a straight-through processing (STP) initiative where it serves as an automated financing processing platform that bypasses legacy manual processing to engage directly with financial institutions’ customers. It also has an easy and dynamic configuration process for financial institutions, making it accessible even to non-technical users. The tight integration with existing systems allows fast decision making and approval.

Advantages of Juris Access

The aim of Juris Access is to digitise the engagement platform end-to-end, by:

Building the core component of a digital bank: straight-through processing where the entire loan process is digitised.

Acquiring new digital age customers: widening the customer base through channels such as social media, chatbots, mobile, and web.

Transforming business processes: removing the brick and mortar operations and bringing it to the internet.

Enhancing the customer experience: creating an effective and adaptable digital customer experience across multiple channels.

Decreasing time of processing an application: enhancing rate of conversion through a responsive, high-speed application.

Improvements in cost-to-income ratio: reduces manpower involvement in the application process.

Maximising revenue growth: empowering anyone to apply anytime, anywhere across multiple channels.

Increasing speed of deployment: improving speed-to-market and speed-to-deploy across channels.

Provide information for improvement: generating reports aimed for improvements.

Authentication and fraud prevention: using ready-to-deploy Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Features of Juris Access

  1. Web Services API that bridges Juris Access to digital channels like internet banking websites, official and third-party apps, merchants, and chatbots.
  2. A/B testing of marketing strategies allows marketers to test different web pages for their targeted audience.
  3. Flexible wizards allow modification to occur for a better customer experience.
  4. Paper-based documents can be read and digitised with the optical character recognition (OCR) feature.
  5. Product eligibility are checked through prequalifying engine.
  6. Wizards to define scoring rules.
  7. Equipped with business process management (BPM) workflow as a decision engine.
  8. Offers recommendations to customers based on their needs using data from different sources.
  9. Allows users to up-sell and cross-sell different products.
  10. Capability to measure digital business performance from the analytics dashboard.
  11. Built-in APIs that support core banking, credit bureau, SMS, and email integrations.
  12. Service-level agreement to improve efficiency.

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