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    Digital News Asia Digerati 50

    Digerati50 is Digital News Asia’s special print publication which spotlights the 50 industry players who are the top movers and shakers shaping Malaysia’s Digital Economy. Published only once in 2 years, Digerati50 compilation allows us to know who are the doers and thinkers behind these technology-driven companies who are becoming great influencers and inspirations in the digital ecosystem.

    “..we’re a bunch of geeks in a company with an entrepreneural culture,” JurisTech CEO See Wai Hun.

    In collaboration with Focus Malaysia, DNA profiled the top 50 individual entrepreneurs who meaningfully impacted the emerging digital economy for the 2016 print publication. JurisTech’s CEO See Wai Hun was chosen as one of the select group of Digerati50 together with other leading industry figures such as Tony Fernandes (AirAsia), Azran Osman-Rani (iFlix) and Yasmin Mahmood (MDeC). Wai Hun was not aware she was being profiled to be pooled in Digerati50 and felt so honoured to be among the individuals recognized to have led companies impacting and contributing to the innovation of homegrown technology.

    Wai Hun was lauded by Digerati50 for her outstanding achievement on bringing the company its retained earnings of more than RM20 million despite the company’s limited talent pool. She recalled the time when she had ended up to have launched an eCommerce website selling furniture. She admits the new line of business was totally nothing like JurisTech core business; then she met Chris Zook, a partner at Bain & Co, in New York during the Endeavor’s high-impact entrepreneur selection. Chris was one of the panel of reviewers and an expert in business strategy focusing on achieving full potential of the Core Business and advised Wai Hun to leverage on JurisTech’s high potential core competencies to bring more business and profit to the company. Subsequently,  Chris agreed to come on board personally as part of the JurisTech Advisory Board for Endeavor together with Azran Osman-Rani (CEO of iFlix), David Richard Thomas (Group Chief Risk Officer of CIMB).

    A market leader in Fintech solutions, JurisTech is an independent software vendor running close to 2 decades of providing a complete suite of credit management software solutions for banking, insurance and telco industries.

    Click here to download and read the full interview with Digerati50’s Karamjit Singh.

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