• CEO Wai Hun on Achieving “Work-Life Balance”

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    Women are wonderful creations that they have such prowess to multi-task. As more and more Moms are in the workforce nowadays, the challenges that women have to face at home and office are all far more complex than anyone can imagine. A Mom who has a good sense of timing, and has strong work ethics is more likely to achieve a well maintained work-life-balance.

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    Juris technologies’ head is none other than CEO See Wai Hun, who is highly motivated with a sharp mind, always exuberant and, yes, a loving mother of two lovely angels-  Arielle, 9 years old and Elize the office ‘Princess’, a 5-month-old baby. Achieving work-life-balance is a rigorous feat of managing priorities between being a mum and being an entrepreneur. For Wai Hun, she thinks that as busy as she is, she is a mum and a caregiver to her kids first! One of her reasons for being a committed entrepreneur is to be a role model for her girls.

    Wai Hun has attended a specialized event organized by Applecrumby & Fish to share her experiences in achieving “work-life-balance” as she juggles between her role as the main visionary of the company and a Mom to her two lovely daughters. The Tea Party was attended by other amazing Mommy entrepreneurs sharing their self-discovered dexterities in both corporate and home management.

    The host Applecrumby & Fish is an established online store and outlet of baby brands in Malaysia. Started on October 2012, the business is owned by a couple, turned entrepreneurs who discovered that there is a lack of shops that offer fine quality baby products that are safe and organic products for babies in the local market and took the opportunity to provide finicky Moms a hub that offers the safest, finest, and top of the line baby products for VIP Moms.

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