• GECO: Our Juris Core Values

    Let’s look at what our GECOnites have to tell us about our core values, GECO!

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    Juris Core Values

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    About the Author:

    Naaman is responsible for the operations of JurisTech where his time is divided into overseeing projects, competency building, and strategic recruitment. Having a passion for growing talents, Naaman has setup JurisTech's Heroes Training Academy where Jurisians are grown to greater heights and becoming heroes to others. Serving Juris since 2006, Naaman was a trained mechanical engineer for the first 8 years of his career. A colloquial yet odd coffee conversation resulted in his career change to IT where a new world of possibilities opened up. Naaman’s view of the IT industry: ‘In the mechanical field, we were hampered by lack of advanced equipment, precision tools, or superalloys. In IT, especially building software, we have none of those obstacles and the world is our playground.’