• APU invites CEO See Wai Hun to share career life at JurisTech

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    On 7th January 2022, our CEO, See Wai Hun, was cordially invited by a group of students majoring in Information Technology from Asia Pacific University (APU) where they organised an interview session to better understand and learn about JurisTech’s employment processes and career life in the company. 

    The session hosted a series of questions to Wai Hun such as learning about JurisTech’s background, exploring the perks and benefits for employees, JurisTech’s work environment, recruitment processes, and gaining several noteworthy pieces of advice for graduates kickstarting their career.

    Starting out with only 20 employees in 1997, JurisTech has grown exponentially over the past 2 decades closing in on 300 employees today. Wai Hun shared that the growth was fostered through hiring the most exceptional talents to ensure that our projects and software being developed fulfil and exceed the needs of all our clients. Additionally, JurisTech’s acquisition of iMoney in 2020 helped the business gain insights into the B2C market, breaking new business opportunities.

    Wai Hun also shared how working at JurisTech comes with several perks and benefits for employees. Some of which include inpatient and outpatient coverage, dental coverage, optical coverage, providing company cars to senior-level employees, and more. On top of that, employees are also rewarded with promotions, salary increments, and year-end bonuses through annual performance reviews. For interns, there are consistent monthly evaluation reviews held with their respective Reporting Managers to identify high potentials, and in turn, be rewarded with higher allowances.

    The APU students were also curious about JurisTech’s work environment and how we had adapted amidst the pandemic. Following the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia, JurisTech reformed its working environment transitioning to a more hybrid workplace by expediting remote working procedures while maintaining business as usual. Teams now have the flexibility to conduct their daily stand-ups and sprint runs through a number of call/video conferencing platforms such as ZOOM, Discord, Google Meet, and Gathertown. Moreover, JurisTech’s Business Units make use of ClickUp, a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool, where teams can assign tasks and projects together as well as share updates on their work statuses.

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    Image: JurisTech virtual office in Gathertown

    Wai Hun also shared new reforms in recruitment processes shifting to more online engagements between candidates and hiring managers. To abide by the Ministry of Health’s SOPs in social distancing, JurisTech’s hiring process followed new protocols whereby candidates were required to take online aptitude tests and interview sessions through virtual calls. After being offered an acceptance letter, the new employees would go through a 2-week intensive training virtually through our Heroes Training Academy (HTA) equipping them with the essential skills needed to begin their careers at JurisTech.

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    Image: JurisTech Hiring Process

    Coming to the end of the interview session, Wai Hun shared a few important personality traits to the students that the company looks at when evaluating candidates during interviews.

      1. Smart – Loves to code and aims to build their career as an aspiring programmer or business analyst.
      2. Ambitious – Having the desire and determination to achieve greater heights. 
      3. Culture Fit – Shares the same vision and working style, aligned with JurisTech’s company culture.
      4. Honesty & Integrity – Demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work.
      5. Goes the extra mile – Pushes their own boundaries to create an even bigger impact.

    The interview session concluded in a fruitful Q&A session between Wai Hun and the students and a warm appreciation for learning so much about JurisTech’s employment.

    Interesting in kickstarting your career at JurisTech? Check out and apply to some of the amazing positions we have for you on our Join Us page!

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