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Juris Collect is a debt collection software that helps you to implement different collection strategies for different customers to achieve the most efficient use of your scarce resources via precision targeting of customer groups. With Juris Collect, Juris Technologies’ award-winning debt collection software, you can easily identify customers’ collectability.

Strategizing a Successful Debt Collection Strategy?

We know that debt recovery isn’t easy. Studies have shown that the longer customers are delinquent, the less likely they are to repay you. Juris’ debt collection software pushes the boundaries further by incorporating behavioural scoring that tracks customer’s behaviours, payments and contact patterns for you to maximize your collection revenue by using the right pre-emptive measures on different delinquency tracks.

Juris Collect offers modules for managing each stage of delinquency with functionalities encompassing all the touch points that you require as depicted below:

Whatever strategy you use, Juris provides the perfect platform for implementing your collection strategies as we provide an end-to-end integrated collection platform from early stage delinquency to final approval of write-off.

Simplifying Business

  • Collaborative, multi-touch point technology

    With its technology, Juris Collect is able to contact customers by predictive dialler, fax, SMS, e-mail or letter.

  • 360-degree view of delinquent accounts

    Juris Collect is designed to be intuitive, where it allows you to view and manage all delinquent accounts in 360-degree view. This includes viewing the treatment of affected accounts for a customer that is effective when contact is made.

Juris Collect Core Functionalities

  1. Powerful Strategy Manager plans your collection process to maximize revenue collection.
  2. Advanced workflow engine automates the collection process and the treatment of account receivables in various stages of the collection cycle.
  3. Fully web-based for easy deployment, lowering system operating and maintenance cost.
  4. Distribution Engine allows you to collect by CIF or Account and perform centralized collection or decentralized collection by branch.
  5. Third party enabled with proven online framework with external lawyers or collection agencies.
  6. Integration to external rating system such as CCRIS and CTOS.
  7. Advanced configuration that offers fantastic levels of customisation as Juris Collect is built on top of our Business Process Management (BPM).

We at Juris sincerely invite you to experience the different in Juris Collect!

Case Studies

Telekom Malaysia
Bank Rakyat


Juris Collect was also awarded the MSC Malaysia APICTA 2012 Best of Financial Applications award, proving it to be among the best debt collection software in Malaysia.

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