• See Wai Hun Representing Malaysia for EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Class of 2020

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    On the 2nd of March, EY announced 22 female business leaders selected to participate in the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific leadership programme. Our visionary leader, founder, and CEO of JurisTech, See Wai Hun, was selected among these aspiring women to participate in this highly coveted programme, following her recent award of EY Woman Entrepreneur Of The Year earlier in 2019. As part of EY’s initiative in advising, guiding, and recognising entrepreneurs, this programme was designed to help women entrepreneurs unlock the full potential of their businesses.

    “I am so honoured to be selected and I know I will be able to meet like-minded women who would have faced similar challenges as I have in scaling their companies.” – See Wai Hun

    This year’s programme is gathering the class of 2020 at a conference held in Seoul, South Korea. The year-long programme would provide esteemed women entrepreneurs the strategic support, training, and access to EY’s entrepreneurial landscape across the world to scale their business operations, globally. The participants would be included in a chain of e-conferences, plus in-country business sessions and workshops aimed to reinforce their cultural and commercial skills. The leadership programme would also share an abundance of insights on conducting business in their host countries on multiple gradations.

    By joining this programme, Wai Hun, would become part of an elite global business network. The participation would expose her to a multitude of benefits. From an expanded knowledge on the latest information about business strategies and practices, to building relationships with strategic partners, alliances, and prospective sales channels. The opportunity to grow and strengthen her leadership and business skills would also be imparted through one-to-one guidance and support with senior advisors and renowned entrepreneurs. Finally, the programme would facilitate increased visibility of Wai Hun and our company, JurisTech, among corporate executives, potential clients, and the public media.

    The class of 2020 represent high-growth companies coming from nine different countries across the Asia-Pacific region, all of whom are part of several distinct industries. Wai Hun has been selected as the only participant representing Malaysia, pioneering in the financial services sector. This has been one of many remarkable achievements held not only for Wai Hun, but also for the company as a whole. Through constantly pushing and pulling means of delivering exceptional solutions for real-world industry problems, we have indefinitely paved the way for excellence.

    “We are now at the stage where our ambition is to scale globally. I hope this program will be able to not only open my mind in terms of how to accelerate this but also provide us with the opportunity to create global networks that will facilitate this ambition.” – See Wai Hun

    To read the official press release of the 2020 EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific Programme, click on the link provided below.

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