• See Wai Hun Elevates Modest Fashion and Womenpreneur Summit 2024 (MFWS) with Strategic Fintech Perspectives

    In an era where diversity, empowerment, and collaboration take center stage, the recent Modest Fashion and Womenpreneur Summit 2024 (MFWS) held at The InterContinental Hotel from February 8 to 10 was a beacon of inspiration and innovation. This gathering transcended boundaries, bringing together 13 extraordinary women entrepreneurs and showcasing the offerings of 12 modest fashion brands. However, the summit’s significance reached far beyond its impressive lineup and diverse exhibits — it marked the establishment of the International Womenpreneur Community (IWC), a platform dedicated to fostering a sense of community and collaboration among women entrepreneurs globally.

    This talk show aimed to create a global network, uniting women entrepreneurs based on shared values and goals. The stage was set for a dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences, and insights.

    JurisTech,CEO, See Wai Hun, MFWS

    Fintech innovator and CEO of JurisTech and iMoney, See Wai Hun, shares strategic entrepreneurship insights, adding a visionary perspective to the entrepreneurial landscape.

    Among the distinguished attendees, See Wai Hun, the co-founder and CEO of JurisTech, a trailblazer in the fintech industry, stood out as a notable figure. Wai Hun’s presence was more than symbolic, it was a reflection of her diverse approach to leadership. As the CEO of both JurisTech and iMoney, she brought a wealth of experience and insights from the fintech landscape. Dressed in a white dress with a belt, a denim jacket, and comfortable sneakers, her style resonated with the audience—a harmonious blend of professionalism and relatability that captivated onlookers.

    During her session at MFWS, See Wai Hun shared invaluable insights drawn from her journey in the fintech industry. Drilling on financing accountability and accessibility on investment strategies, Wai Hun shed light on the practical aspects of accessing and giving access to investments, and strategies and advice in making sound investment decisions. 

    JurisTech, MFWS

    The womenpreneur talkshow panel speakers from left: Linda Anggrea (CEO and founder of Buttonscarves, Modinity Group), Tya Ariffin (actor and founder of Mutyara Beauty), See Wai Hun (CEO of JurisTech and iMoney, Dini Ardi Wardini (VP Product Innovation and Development of Paragon Technology and Innovation), Aireen Omar (Former CEO of Air Asia) and Sadira Yeong (CEO of Scentses + Co).

    The moderator of the talk show, Sadira Yeong, CEO of Scentses + Co, opened up the conversation to the tpanel of speakers on their strategies to expand globally. In a candid moment, Wai Hun spoke about her strategy of leveraging partners to break global markets . “Maybe the first thing I would do is to work with a partner and check whether the partner already has a network. This will minimise my risk before expanding globally,” she shared. Her insights were a blend of practicality and strategic thinking, providing a glimpse into the mindset of a successful entrepreneur navigating the complexities of global markets.

    JurisTech, MFWS

    The lineup of Endeavor women entrepreneurs at the MFWS 2024 event.

    MFWS 2024 was attended by women entrepreneurs across 66 countries, the summit became a melting pot of ideas and experiences, showcasing the global reach and impact of women in business. 

    In essence, See Wai Hun’s influence at MFWS 2024 was not about grandeur or bombastic declarations, it was about contributing and paying it forward with Endeavor to a growing community of women in business. As the echoes of MFWS 2024 lingered, the event stood as a testament to the power of collaboration, shared experiences, and the potential for transformative growth within the global community of women entrepreneurs. 

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    Endeavor is a mission-driven, global organisation leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement. Endeavor was founded on the belief that job creation, innovation, and overall prosperity flourish where there is robust support for high-impact entrepreneurs.

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    JurisTech (JurisTech) is a leading fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

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