• JurisTech’s COO Inspires Innovation at the Asian Financial Leaders Forum 2024 Malaysia

    JurisTech, COO, Naaman Lee, AFLF2024, innovation

    On March 8, 2024, JurisTech, in collaboration with esteemed partners Sunline, Huawei, Cardzone, and Cloudpoint, hosted the Asian Financial Leaders Forum 2024 Malaysia. The event successfully invited over 100 experts and leaders from various fields, especially from the banking and finance sector, to delve into the theme “Navigating the Future of Finance” through the lens of innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

    JurisTech, Naaman Lee, speakers, audience

    JurisTech’s COO, Naaman Lee (middle), together with the esteemed leaders and the audience.

    Kicking off the forum, Jack Wang, the Managing Director of Sunline, initiated the event with a compelling opening speech and warmly welcomed the invited speakers. The speakers of the forum included Naaman Lee, JurisTech’s Chief Operating Officer, Ken Siew, Chief Solutions Officer at Sunline, Muhamad Fahmi bin Mustafa, Head of Islamic Banking at Sunline, Lim Huck Siang, Chief Digital Officer for the Asia-Pacific region at Huawei, and Chin Min Fei, CEO of Cardzone. Each speaker brought a unique perspective to the table, enriching the discourse on the future of finance and technological innovation.

    After several industry insights were shared by the invited speakers, Naaman came in to present the topic on “Thriving in the New Era of Innovation.” He  provided a captivating overview of JurisTech’s pivotal role as a leading fintech solutions provider with over 25 years of experience in the financial industry. He delved into the major disruptions that have shaped the financial landscape, highlighting key milestones such as the introduction of ATMs in 1967, online banking in 1994, and the transformative impact of generative AI.

    JurisTech, Naaman Lee, AFLF2024, innovation

    Naaman sharing his insights on the transformative impact of generative AI.

    Naaman emphasised the transformative potential of generative AI in the financial services sector, drawing parallels to historical innovations like the steam engine. He shared insightful stories, including one about Wells Fargo’s continuous exploration and innovation in the digital realm, showcasing the importance of adapting to changing conditions.

    The interactive session included engaging elements such as polling questions, where participants identified challenges in going digital, with cost and return on investment emerging as primary concerns. Naaman also explored potential use cases for generative AI, providing real-world examples and sharing how JurisTech harnesses this innovative technology in its products and processes.

    JurisTech, Polling, AFLF2024

    The audience engaging in polling activities on business challenges.

    Naaman concluded his presentation with an impactful statement encouraging the audience to seize opportunities in AI and innovation. He reminded them that preparation is key when opportunity knocks.

    “It takes speed and power to deliver transformational solutions.” – Naaman Lee, COO of JurisTech

    The event wrapped up with a lucky draw, marking the end of a day filled with shared knowledge, diverse perspectives, and forward-thinking strategies from the industry experts and leaders. Following the conclusion of the event, an enriching networking session ensued, providing a conducive environment for speakers and attendees alike to forge new connections and strengthen existing relationships. This interactive platform facilitated meaningful interactions among industry leaders, fostering collaborative discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas. 

    JurisTech, Naaman Lee, Huawei, Lim Huck Siang, innovation

    Naaman Lee exchanging innovative ideas with Huawei’s Chief Digital Officer, Mr Lim Huck Siang.

    JurisTech’s participation in the Asian Financial Leaders Forum 2024 Malaysia not only showcased the company’s commitment to innovation but also positioned Naaman Lee as a thought leader in navigating the dynamic landscape of the financial technology industry. As the sparks from AFLF2024 continue to glow, JurisTech remains at the forefront of transformative solutions, driving innovation in the financial industry.

    JurisTech, Naaman, Sunline, Managing Director, Jack Wang, token of appreciation

    Naaman receiving a token of appreciation from Sunline’s Managing Director, Mr Jack Wang.

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