• Marc Faber still Positive about Malaysia

    Marc Faber is a famous contrarian fund manager that invests in globally. His nickname is Dr Doom. Apparently he’s still bullish about Malaysia: Malaysian banks solid, says investment guru.

    I would agree with Marc Faber that Malaysia’s financial system is still strong, though the economy still suffers structural weaknesses.

    After the 1997 financial crisis, Malaysia did an exceptional job in cleaning up the sick banks, forcing mergers and removing the bad loans from the system. Malaysia’s central bank, Bank Negara, is well managed and keeps the banks in tight leash.

    Most of the customers of our software are banks, and I can still attest to the fact that the bankers I know are prudent about lending, and concerned about high non-performing loans. Every month, banks have to submit an extensive set of reports to Bank Negara, and if they perform outside reasonable parameters, the banks are queried and asked to improve.

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