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    On the 24th of March 2022, our Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), Hosein Abedinpourshotorban (top centre in the image above), was cordially invited by Selangor Human Resources & Development Centre (SHRDC) to give a talk on new trends in the technology industry as well as share our awesome career opportunities at JurisTech. SHRDC is a talent and skills development centre that provides technical competency-based training as well as management and leadership skills training for individuals and businesses. The event hosted a total of 70 participants, all graduates coming from IT and Engineering backgrounds seeking new career prospects.

    Hosein began the talk by sharing how students can work to develop a successful career ahead them. He mentioned how most people would commonly follow the norm of pursuing their passions and interests to build their careers. However, Hosein has a different opinion as he shares how our current interests are not a solid basis for our career decisions. Instead, he talks about a success formula where you need to “become good at something valuable” which in turn will give you leverage to get better career opportunities. As a result, this would incline you to become successful, giving you a greater sense of satisfaction in your line of work.

    career, career success formula

    Hosein then moves to share some of the latest tech trends and innovations in the industry. Firstly, he shares about the rising demand for digital onboarding platforms for banks and financial institutions to acquire customers digitally and improve customer journeys. He also talked about how businesses today are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots to automate their business operations and build new digital customer experiences. Finally, he talks about the rise of blockchain technology and how it’s digitising the entire finance trading industry as a more secure and efficient way to trade multiple currencies.

    Hosein then wraps the session in a fruitful Q&A session with the participants and leaves them with an inspirational quote on building their successful careers – “Never limit yourself to what you are capable of achieving because success begins with you.”

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