• JurisTech and Mambu partner to drive innovation in Malaysia’s digital banking ecosystem

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    Kuala Lumpur, 6 April 2022: Innovative Malaysian fintech JurisTech has today announced a partnership with Mambu, the market-leading cloud-native core banking platform, with the partnership formed to propel the growth of the digital banking ecosystem in Malaysia. This new collaboration will act as a catalyst for further expansion of the industry, with the end result being greater support for both unbanked and underserved markets in Malaysia, and a boost to overall financial inclusion in the country.

    See Wai Hun, CEO of JurisTech, said: “It is my pleasure to announce JurisTech’s partnership with Mambu to serve the digital banking ecosystem in Malaysia. Mambu is known for its cloud-native, composable banking platform and will play a strong role together with JurisTech in driving new digital innovations to bridge the gaps in providing access to credit for the underbanked community.”

    William Dale, Commercial Director at Mambu APAC, added: “The financial services industry in Malaysia is on the verge of a period of significant change with the new digital banking licences due to be announced by BNM any day now. Our new partnership with JurisTech will enable Mambu to continue to drive innovative change within the Malaysian digital banking ecosystem as the impact of the new licences begins to be understood. We have been very impressed with JurisTech’s innovative technology and look forward to seeing the impact that we can have together, with the combined force of our market-leading solutions.”

    The partnership of the two software powerhouses will look to streamline exchanges to create a seamless customer and user journey in the credit and financing application lifecycle. The connectivity between Mambu and JurisTech’s products allows JurisTech to offer a holistic credit management platform from digital onboarding, loan origination, debt collection, and artificial intelligence to the digital banking sector.

    As a leading provider of credit management software solutions, JurisTech has always pioneered the connectivity of players in the financial industry. Founded during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis with revolutionary software to connect banks to legal firms for late-stage debt recovery, JurisTech has since continued to innovate to handle the end-to-end needs of digital banking from digital customer onboarding to orchestrating complete digital ecosystems.

    With the rising trends of the digital ecosystem, JurisTech has opened its doors to connect with new partners in the digital banking ecosystem. With Malaysia becoming the third country in ASEAN to issue digital banking licences, it marks an important milestone in the development of the nation’s future financial economy. JurisTech’s expansion into the digital banking ecosystem will present a myriad of opportunities for fintechs and digital banking players to accelerate their financial services by leveraging robust technologies, in tandem with the nation’s growing economy.

    With Mambu’s unique ecosystem of high-performing, best-in-breed partners bringing extensive industry experience in payments processing, accounting and finance, regulatory reporting, and card issuing and processing, the JurisTech and Mambu partnership will enable unique digital transformation initiatives in the Malaysian fintech industry.

    JurisTech aims to leverage Mambu’s capabilities such as global market presence and clientele to drive the company to grow globally. This will not only propel JurisTech to grow in Malaysia’s digital banking sector but also in the digital banking sector globally.

    Through its partnership with Mambu, JurisTech believes that it will transform and revolutionise the digital banking ecosystem by providing high-impact solutions and creating more value for both consumers and financial institutions, putting innovation at the heart of its products.


    About JurisTech

    JurisTech (Juris Technologies) is a leading Malaysian-based fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Founded in 1997 amidst the Asian financial crisis, JurisTech’s contributions and drive to revolutionise the financial industry in Malaysia have garnered numerous awards, including Best Innovation and Best Use of Technology from Star Outstanding Business Awards.

    JurisTech’s founders were recognised globally as high-impact entrepreneurs when they were selected to be part of Endeavor, a non-profit organisation in 2014, and CEO See Wai Hun was named EY Woman Entrepreneur of The Year 2019 in Malaysia. Living by the motto, “The right software, exceptionally delivered”, is the main driver of the company’s growth, success, and achievements.



    About Mambu

    Mambu was launched in 2011 with the aim of enabling free access to modern financial services for all. The only true SaaS cloud banking platform, Mambu’s unique composable approach allows for the flexible assembly of independent components and systems to fit the exact needs of your business and customers. The Mambu team of 900 is spread across the globe and supports over 200 customers in 65 countries.


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