• Juris Collect Wins Malaysia APICTA 2012 Award

    Juris Collect is the sole Best of Financial Applications award winner in the 2012 MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA).

    We would like to thank our customers, our business partners, and our hardworking colleagues in JurisTech who made Juris Collect stand out and make waves in the financial and telecommunications sectors. In December we are off to Brunei to represent Malaysia at the International awards. Wish us luck!

    At the awards ceremony, the Minister of Science Technology and Innovation, Datuk Seri Ongkili (behind award) presented the plaque to Ms. See Wai Hun (right, holding award), and Mr. John Lim (left, holding award).

    Juris Collect is an award-winning Enterprise Collection Software that is the market leader in Malaysia. More info on Juris Collect.

    MSC Malaysia APICTA are the most prestigious software awards in Malaysia.

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