• New Straits Times: An Inspiring Keynote from The Debt Collector

    JurisTech CEO See Wai Hun on NST’s high spot.

    Starting a software company in the midst of the financial crisis in Asia was a crucial bid that turned out to be a great idea as the banks were fumbling over the soaring numbers of non-performing loans due to the ubiquitous financial meltdown in Asia. The necessity of recovering these loans has led JurisTech’s CEO See Wai Hun & CTO John Lim to create a solution that can help the banks manage the collection and litigation cases. Today, the solution has transformed from a tail-end software to become a complete suite of solutions that cater to end to end workflow of a loan life cycle.

    Apace with the company’s growth, CEO See Wai Hun at New Strait Times interview encouraged women to be more interested in the world of IT giving an interesting point about having a feminine touch in the software world dominated by men. She hopes to see more women IT entrepreneurs in this digital age.

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