• BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2015

    Forget about the rise and fall of dollars and ringgit and get a chance to benefit as business owners by attending the  BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2015. BFM is Malaysia’s independent radio station focusing on business news and current affairs. In its years of airing, the BFM team have interviewed hundreds of C-suite entrepreneurs from all sorts of businesses be it foreign or local with topics like challenges in the business, factors that contribute to their success and the future or visions of their company. BFM Enterprise Breakaway 2015 is an annual gathering with this year’s theme “Unlock Your Growth Potential”, for business owners who seek ideas, strategies, and mentoring on how to grow their businesses exponentially. The programme is an open floor discussion rigorously organized by BFM team and participated by panelists from Malaysia’s some of the foremost entrepreneurs.

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    Live mentoring facilitated by Freda Liu, BFM Enterprise Presenter, BFM89.9 – The Business Station Panelists:

    * Afzal Abdul Rahim, Endeavor Board Member & Mentor
    * See Wai Hun, Founder/CEO, Juris Technologies
    * Azran Osman-Rani, Endeavor Mentor
    * Kian Hoe Seah, CEO, Heng Hiap Industries

    This year, BFM Enterprise partners with Endeavor Malaysia to bring a new segment -Endeavor Malaysia: A New Approach to Business Expansion, facilitated by Freda Liu, BFM Enterprise Presenter, BFM89.9 . One of the panelists is See Wai Hun, CEO of Juris Technologies’, recently named as Malaysia’s Newest Endeavor Entrepreneur having high-growth potentials in the field of providing  IT solutions.

    As one of the high-impact entrepreneurs in Endeavor, Juris’ CEO See Wai Hun , will share about their experiences in Endeavor and talk about their approaches in operating the business that greatly enhanced the company’s growth and success. The “Live Mentoring” segment aims to be a substantial open discussion for those who are serious in driving their businesses to new heights.

    Click Conference Agenda to find out more.

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