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Top 5 Fintech Trends in 2022

The pandemic has broadened our grasps of what a digital economy would look like in the future and here are the top five trends that will change the Fintech industry.

By | 5th January, 2022|

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Digital lending and its move into the Fintech space

By | 20th September, 2021|

Digital lending has the capabilities to provide the instant gratification customers are looking for when it comes to applying for loans. Fintechs sees the need to make finance more accessible and effortless.

JurisTech’s Credit Scoring Engine: An Overview

By | 24th August, 2021|

Using JurisTech's credit scoring engine, Juris Score, financial lenders can identify and determine people who carry a risk of being potential defaulters and streamline applications in the process of granting loans. Learn more about Juris Score.

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