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Unboxing the “Black Box”: The Need for Explainability

This is part 2 of the series answering one of the most popular questions on Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is the reasoning behind the claims of the “black box problem” by data scientists when it comes to machine learning and AI?

By | 16th August, 2022|

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SMEs: Optimise Your Business as Usual (BAU)

By | 15th June, 2022|

Change is constant but we only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s time to touch base on your everyday task to increase efficiency and productivity. What can you do as a SME business owner to optimise your BAU?

Debt Collection Made Easy with NexColl

By | 1st June, 2022|

Still struggling with manual processes? Automate those processes and increase your collection rates with NexColl, a debt collection software made especially for debt collection agencies!

The Power of Digital Lending

By | 20th May, 2022|

Over the past few years, digital lending has become a rapidly growing global phenomenon, bringing powerful benefits for banks and financial institutions, and this is why.

Banking on Digital Banking: Multichannel Solutions

By | 22nd April, 2022|

In order to meet the high demands of customers especially youngsters, in this increasingly fast-paced world, undeniably digital banking must be open, fast, and convenient. With a multichannel solution, digital banking allows you to align to customers' new consumption behaviours, practices, and personal values.

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