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One Step Ahead

Juris Analyst is a robust online/web based financial analysis system yet simple and sophisticated. By entering your financial statement into the system, (balance sheet and income statement) you are able to obtain wide array of financial analysis reports such as ratios, cash flow statement, cash conversion cycle, debt service ability and much more. The system is designed in such a way where any user regardless of their proficiency in financials will be able to use the system with delight.

Future is Not a Mystery Anymore

Juris Analyst is an online intelligent financial evaluation, scoring and risk rating system which analyzes company financial position over a desired period including past, present and even FUTURE. It is always essential for a business organization to know how well their company is doing currently to plan their business strategies. Unsurprisingly, it is equally important as well for the organization to forecast their future position in the market. With Juris Analyst, users may forecast their future financials accurately. The system is well equipped with neccessary financials schedules such as assets acquisition, assets disposal, assets depreciation and debt maturity schedule that calculates the future asset value and loan repayment schedule.

Forecast bad debtors before they attempt to default

Juris Analyst helps financial institutions such as banks to forecast future debt payment ability of the applicant and the likelihood of future payment to be defaulted. Juris Analyst is capable to integrate with core banking systems and third party financial systems such as credit bureau data (such as CCRIS in Malaysia) to extract additional financial information.


Fully web based for easy deployment and low maintenance costs


User friendly and highly configurable workflow engine

Profoundly Modifiable

Easy setup and configurable rules to cater for different business needs

Intelligent Financial Evaluation & Forecasting System

Advanced Formula

Highly Integrable

Auto Scoring

Benchmark Comparison