• JurisTech Implemented Flexible Credit Scoring Solution in Bank Rakyat

    About Bank Rakyat …

    Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) was incorporated on 28 September 1954. As the largest co-operative bank in Malaysia, Bank Rakyat provides complete Islamic Banking facilities for the co-operative movement in addition to being a stable financial institution capable of providing a full range of banking and financial services not only to its co-operative members but also for the general public.

    As a financial institution, its primary aim is to raise the economic well-being of its members by providing financing facilities at reasonable rates for agriculture, production, marketing, industrial, fishery, transportation, housing, business, and other beneficial activities. The Bank also seeks to ensure a satisfactory profit towards meeting dividend payments to its members while charging reasonable profit rates to its members.

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