• JurisTech launches its very first Campus Ambassador Programme in collaboration with Taylor’s University

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    From left: Calvin, Jane, Priti, Elaine, Kwan Jet

    Proudly introducing JurisTech’s very first batch of campus ambassadors of the Class of 2020 from Taylor’s University!

    Ranking as one of the top private universities in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Taylor’s University has produced many excellent and outstanding graduates. We had an overwhelming number of sign-ups and from this vast pool of talented students, we have hand-picked the best among the best to represent our company, JurisTech (Juris Technologies).

    We are on a growth spurt, looking out for talented individuals with a burning passion for technology, to create with us a world of endless possibilities. As a business-to-business (B2B) company, serving enterprises such as banks and financial institutions with our state-of-the-art software solutions, our exposure towards students may not have as much of an impact as compared to consumer businesses, also known as business-to-consumer (B2C) companies. Hence, what better way to reach out to students than having the students themselves reaching out to their friends, telling them about their first-hand experience with us? To add to that, we also want to play a role in creating leaders, providing the students with a platform to experience the real world and helping them to be aware of opportunities in JurisTech. Thus, piloting this programme with Taylor’s University was indeed a great move!

    On 1st October 2020, we launched the JurisTech Taylor’s Campus Ambassador Programme and invited our five campus ambassadors to join us at our office. It was a half-day event lined up with exciting programmes. (Check out the pictures below!) We also had the honour to host Prof. Dr. Christophe Claude A. Schinckus, Head of School of Accounting and Finance (SOAF) in Taylor’s University, and Izwal Mazlan, the representative from Taylor’s Career Services, who are both major supporters of the programme.

    juristech, campus ambassador, taylor's university

    From left: Laura, Marketing Executive of JurisTech; Izwal Mazlan, representative of Taylor’s Career Services; Prof. Dr. Schinckus, Head of School of Accounting and Finance (SOAF) in Taylor’s University; See Wai Hun, CEO of JurisTech; Priti; Elaine; Jane; Fiona, Recruitment Team Leader of JurisTech; Naaman, COO of JurisTech; Calvin; and Kwan Jet.

    Here is a gist of who we have recruited to be our campus ambassadors.

    From the left, we have Calvin, who is a second-year Computer Science student, a true gentleman at heart because he would hold the door for the girls to enter first. Very intelligent and cool-headed even when he’s pressured. There is just so much potential in him. One interesting fact about him would be that he broke one of his fingers when he was really young! (Ouch!)

    Next up is Jane, a second-year International Business and Marketing (IBM) student. She is bold and courageous. When her teammates are scared that they might not be able to win the game. She stepped up boldly and confidently to take up the challenge and won the game! A true leader in the making. One very interesting fact about her is that she always pouts on the tissue paper to wipe her lips after every meal. (That’s weirdly interesting!)

    Moving on to the pretty lady named Priti. She may look small and quiet, but she is one fiery “chilli padi”. Her passion and spirit to win is contagious. A second-year student pursuing a degree in International Business and Marketing, she is indeed an intelligent and eloquent person. Interestingly, she can speak 5 different languages – English, Konkani, Hindi, Spanish, and Kannada. (Wow!)

    Similar to Jane and Priti, we have sweet Elaine who is also in her second year doing International Business and Marketing. She is the bundle of joy in the team. She exuberates empathy which allows her to understand what the other party wants, giving her the higher advantage to be able to convince and get her points across to the other party better. One very interesting fact about her is that she is a vegetarian. (No garlic, no onions, please…)

    Last but not least, we have the youngest in the team – Kwan Jet, a first-year student in Accounting and Finance. Despite being the youngest, he is no doubt a high achiever – never giving up and always putting his best foot forward. He is also a very good singer and musician and has a thing for rhythms and beats. (Ba dum tss!)

    JurisTech Campus Ambassador is a 12-month programme. Throughout the whole programme, not only would the campus ambassadors have an amazing experience, but most importantly, they would also be ready and equipped to enter the workforce by gaining professional development, leadership, technical, and communication skills from us.

    These five exceptional students displayed strong dedication and commitment towards the programme. They will be our forerunners in their campus to promote, market, and represent a brand that creates the future. In return, we want to give them our best! They will have the privilege to have a fireside chat with our CEO and co-founder See Wai Hun, an opportunity to attend exclusive JurisTech events and training programmes, a fast-track application for full-time positions and internship placement, gain real-life working experience through job shadowing, and even receive mentorship from experienced seniors.

    Here at JurisTech, we are interested to nurture and develop heroes, bringing the best out of them, to inspire them to raise their own bar. Quoting Orrin Woodward, “Average leaders raise the bar on themselves; good leaders raise the bar for others; great leaders inspire others to raise their own bar.”

    About JurisTech

    JurisTech (Juris Technologies) is a leading Malaysian-based fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and beyond.

    We nurture our culture by practising our GECO core values: Growing Heroes, Making Excellence Happen, Customer First, and Opening Up. We believe in investing in employees’ personal growth and career development. We also want to expose graduates to the tech scene and upskill talents from various industries. (So, if you are interested in tech, we want you!)

    Send in your résumé to hr@juristech.net.

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    About the Author:

    Laura Tsen is the Marketing and Communications Consultant of JurisTech. She does digital marketing that includes SEO and SEM. She is always intrigued by the world of technology and how it creates a future with endless possibilities. Having a passion to create and build awareness in embracing digital transformation to impact and improve the overall lifestyle of our society.