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    JurisTech will be presenting their award-winning banking solutions for loan origination, credit management, recovery and collection at Bank Tech Asia 2014 to be held in the KLCC Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, from the 23rd – 24th September 2014. JurisTech will be happy to meet any bankers and financial consultants who are interested in learning more about our advanced capabilities. As the JurisTech CEO, Ms See Wai Hun says, “We want to be the best credit management software in the world.”

    Why choose JurisTech?

    The banking industry and financial companies have been hit by multiple financial crises such as the Asian Financial Crisis and the 2008 Financial Crisis. Since then, they have realized the importance of credit management and having an efficient collection system. Today, it is critical that financial companies and large enterprises possess the rightful processes and systems capability in loan/financing origination, credit/behavioural scoring, collection and credit management. JurisTech provides the full spectrum of credit management solutions for large enterprises and financial institutions. JurisTech solutions are used in HSBC, Bank Rakyat, Affin Bank and several other banks in Malaysia. JurisTech solutions have proven to be critical and beneficial for our clients bringing in value creators for immensely faster go-to-market loan products offering, flexibility to cater to dynamic business changes and huge returns on investment. It is a great opportunity for bankers and large companies who are looking for credit management solutions such as loan or financing origination, credit or behavioural scoring, collections, and recovery, litigation and collection agencies management.

    About Juris Technologies

    JurisTech is a Malaysian based company that develops and deploys end-to-end software solutions for the credit management processes. In a market in which credit has been rising sharply for five consecutive years, JurisTech eases the burden on financial institutions by offering a complete suite of solutions that allows them to evaluate customers, approve loans, and recover debts. JurisTech currently serves almost half of Malaysian major banks and hopes to scale up into the region in the next few years.

    Visit http://www.banktechasia.com/ for more info.

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