• Elevate Your Digital Onboarding Process with eKYC

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    Elevate Your Digital Onboarding Process with eKYC

    In June 2020, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) issued a policy document which allows banks and other financial institutions to deploy eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) as part of the onboarding process. This was a pivotal moment for banks and financial institutions in Malaysia to push for digital transformation in their processes and financial services for customers.

    With eKYC, banks and financial institutions can now streamline their offerings and provide an end-to-end digital financial service. So what is eKYC? eKYC is a method used by financial institutions and other companies to learn about and verify the identity of their customers digitally. We know that banks and financial institutions emphasise on identity verification and security before providing financial services. Thus, eKYC is crucial in the onboarding process to provide easier access to financing. Hence, at JurisTech, we have equipped our powerful digital customer onboarding platform, Juris Access, with eKYC technology. This will not only enable financial institutions or organisations to create an engaging end-to-end onboarding journey but also to accelerate your customers’ financial-related applications.

    Zooming into the application process, being able to automate the entire verification process enables you to reduce the application journey from days to minutes! Therefore, embedding eKYC into your digital onboarding process is definitely the way to go. Nonetheless, doing it the Juris Access way will bring you an even greater competitive advantage as you basked in the benefits of advanced and powerful technology. Here’s how.

    1) Omnichannel platform with multiple fun touchpoints

    Juris Access is an omnichannel platform. Your customers are no longer constrained to physical bank branches to enjoy the extra convenience where they can complete their online application anytime, anywhere. This omnichannel platform receives new applications for various products through multiple digital channels, processes these applications in real-time, and returns results almost instantaneously to customers. In addition, it also allows financial institutions to provide prospective customers full access to the suite of available products through multiple digital mediums, including the web, mobile, merchants, social networking sites, and even chatbots.

    To top it off, customers don’t only get a seamless digital journey but also an engaging one! Who says onboarding customers for financial or credit products need to always be serious, tedious, and boring? For example, we can match loans best suited to your customer’s personal preference, with an easy and interactive step-by-step guided process, bringing an elevated experience to your customers whilst authenticating their identification.

    2) Seamless integration platform

    Furthermore, Juris Access connects seamlessly with other JurisTech’s solutions and existing systems including credit bureaus and optical character recognition (OCR) application. Through it’s web API, Juris Access is able to perform complex backend processing, create new accounts, and track existing accounts. With this web API, applications received from various channels will be processed and concurrently application status will be updated, while users can upload required documents to be sent to Juris Access for eKYC for processing. Thus, empowering anyone (without human intervention) to submit and manage an application.

    3) Secure with full transparency

    In this new era, falsification of identity, signatures, and phishing are all too common. Having a digital identity authentication management allows you to hasten and simplify customer onboarding while increasing the percentage of the right customers.

    Juris Access equipped with eKYC enables you to automate the entire verification process to expand your business or support compliance needs. What’s even greater is that you can even leverage AI (artificial intelligence) to support your entire identity authentication process such as capturing the applicant’s personal information, digital verification (MyKAD number and hologram detection), facial recognition engine, liveness detection, and etc.

    4)Less backend hassle and complexity

    Backed by a powerful processing backend engine, your customers can complete their entire application journey in just 3 minutes! The eKYC technology integrated with Juris Access eliminates all the hassle and complexity of the digital onboarding process by absorbing all backend complexity. Less human manual paperwork intervention, delay-in-time, and overwhelming customers with details and complexity. Customers now can have instant access to financial and credit products.

    As a user, Juris Access is a single integrated platform connecting consumers, financial institutions, and 3rd-party partners (dealers, merchants, law firms, contractors, and many more), removes manual paperwork, provides users with a consolidated view of case status from various sources, generates scheduled reportings for data analysis, and reduces operational cost. Emphasising on convenience and speed, do it the Juris Access way! Enhance your digital customer onboarding journey with eKYC technology to bring an elevated experience to your customers.

    If you are interested to learn more about Juris Access and how you can build an engaging digital onboarding platform, connect with our team today at contact@juristech.net.

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    JurisTech (Juris Technologies) is a leading Malaysian-based Fintech company, specialising in enterprise-class software solutions for banks, financial institutions, and telecommunications companies in Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and beyond. 

    Juris Access revolutionises the digital onboarding process by having automation at the heart of the system that sits for the purpose of pre-qualifying, eligibility check, and product recommendations.

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